De Luze Extra Cognac,

Our Price: $375

DE LUZE Fine Champagne Cognac is produced by the Boinauds, a family of well-established wine growers and distillers in the Grande Champagne Region of Cognac, who with over 20 generations of precise knowledge and experience monitor and control the total production process, from the vineyard to the glass. The Boinard philosophy is intrinsically bound to 3 guiding principles: 1. Nothing taken away—only unfiltered wines are distilled. 2. Age longer—to enhance the full Cognac experience. 3. Add Nothing—only natural color and natural taste, no caramel or sugar, only pure Grande Champagne water from their 270m deep well on the estate. The DE LUZE Extra is a Fine Champagne Cognac which means that the eaux-de-vie is a blend from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. The color of this cognac is earned entirely by extended aging in Limousin oak barrels. The aromas show mission fig, dried fruit, field blossoms, cocoa, sultana, vanilla and evergreen with back notes of toffee or spice-dusted créme brulée. The rich texture carries these aromas as flavors with delicate ease and expands to include toasted filberts, nutmeg and a myriad of oak niceties. The finish lingers to harmonize the lavish fruits and the oak sapidity with clean spice and creamy vanilla. The is fantastic cognac and it comes in a lovely decanter to make a gorgeous presentation. Try this neat with time to enjoy.

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