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Rolex GMT Master II 126710 BLRO

We know that Rolex is all about quality and precision, elegance and exquisite workmanship. The GMT Master II 126710 BLRO is steel with a Jubilee bracelet. This case will not allow for another option on the bracelet because the Oyster bracelet is not a fit. While this new timepiece design is compliant to the brand standards it has an updated Caliber 3285, and features the Chronergy escapement, a large barrel that equips this 70 hour power reserve, and Paraflex shock absorbers.

Panerai Luminor California 8 Days

One of the most exciting times is when Panerai launches a new timepiece, and that piece is the Luminor California 8 Days. This watch combines all of the brands finest qualities in their timepieces, and puts them into this exquisite and masculine piece that is sure to be noticed on every wrist. The case is machined from diamond like carbon coated titanium making it scratch resistant and robust. The timepiece features the mandatory bridge lever device, and the California dial was designed from the brands military roots, making a very clean look, with just hours and minutes function paired with Arabic-Roman numeral markers and the blue hands.

A. Lange Sohne Double Chronograph Triple Split Watch

Horological brilliance begins with taking chances and doing things that other watch manufacturers have not done. Technical advancement is a critical step and one that A. Lange Sohne has mastered. The double chronograph triple split watch is one example of that mastery. While the name might be a bit confusing to those not familiar with the terminology, the timepiece is a double chronograph because it was built with two 12-hour chronograph mechanisms within one movement. While previous timepieces bearing that same name existed, they were in actuality split-second chronographs that contained one full function complication and a corollary one.

Why Some Watches by Rolex Patek Philippe Impossible to Find at Retail

We all love to shop online and even more we love to shop for hot items that are very hard to find. So certainly there are folks right now that are trying to purchase a Rolex or Patek Philippe that are impossible to find at retail. If you can find these hard to find timepieces, it can be difficult to find at reasonable prices. Dealers and others who promote products of artistic and or luxury watches know that perception and availability of these products for folks is critical and much more important than cost. So long term or short term demand of some products pushes the supply low and causes collectors and others to purchase the products regardless of pricing or true value. While some of the timepieces in demand can be valuable and hard to find, this makes them even more exclusive and can get the attention of collectors from around the globe.

Omega Planet Ocean Iconic Modern Dive Watch

When Omega developed the Planet Ocean timepiece they wanted a modern luxury dive watch that could hold its own against competition timepieces like the Rolex Submariner. The brand has always introduced the Seamaster line as luxury pieces, with the heart of a solid working timpeiece, and one that collectors and horological lovers both would want to own.

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