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Wholesale Jewelry Offers – up to 75% off!

Whenever someone thinks of luxury, jewelry is almost always one of the first thoughts. Luxury jewelry is one of the most distinctive ways to express love and to demonstrate taste, style, and sophistication. Children grow up seeing their mothers wear beautiful necklaces and earrings, while boys grow up seeing their fathers wearing luxurious rings and watches. We know from the delight we experience when giving and receiving jewelry as a gift how powerfully symbolic it can be in expressing sentiments such as love, respect, pride, and friendship. Precious gems, high quality craftsmanship, and the use of gleaming precious metals combine to create pieces of art that are more valuable than the sum of their individual parts. From diamonds and rubies to gold and platinum, true luxury jewelry aficionados recognizes quality and seeks to bring the small joy of luxury jewelry into their own lives as well as into the lives of the people they care about. World of Luxury is dedicated to feeding the desire for luxury by featuring both vintage and innovative jewelry from the top designers from around the globe.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

The new Audemars Piguet ambassador, Novak Djokovic, just won the US Open, his third Grand Slam tournament win of the season. Djokovic has won nine tournaments in 2011. Just as Audemars Piguet is proud to have the number one tennis player in the world as their ambassador, World of Luxury is very proud to feature a variety of luxury watches from this most sought-after luxury watch manufacturers in the world. Audemars Piguet luxury watches are known for their prestigious luxury timepieces and have a history of providing high quality, authentic works of art since 1875.

Franc Vila – Tradition of Uniqueness

Franc Vila is unique among luxury watchmakers for having the ability to create a convergence between the most significant aspects of horological tradition with modern, attractive design. Franc Vila designs are imbued with a sense of traditional Swiss watchmaking, while incorporating emotion and style into every design. Franc Vila creates unusual case shape using elliptical orbs and an elongated profile to flatter the wearer. The Franc Vila Cobra Collection, for example, is designed with a Dubois Depraz automatic chronograph movement and a date complication. Franc Vila hand-crafted complicated watches like the Cobra and the Columnar Regulator Automatic become immediately sought after by sophisticated collectors who desire to include the finest examples of superior quality in their luxury watch collections. The iconic double-lobe face is known throughout the world over, first introduced in Franc Vila classic Cobra line. Using the latest technology, Franco Vila watches offer collectors and luxury watch aficionados some of the finest examples of high-quality precision and elegant beauty. It is indeed a privilege to own a Franc Vila watch, and World of Luxury makes it easier to experience the elegance first-hand by offering a wide selection of Franc Vila watches at incredibly deep discounts, up to 50% off retail.