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Rolex Tiger Woods Endorsement

The name Rolex has long been associated with luxury, superiority, and prestige.
For almost as long as the company has existed, Rolex has been associated with athletic
superiority. This association between Rolex and athletes began in 1926 when
the company’s newly developed Oyster watch – the first waterproof watch – was worn
by Mercedes Gleitz as she swam across the English Channel. The swim, which took
a little more than 10 hours, was a feat in itself, but the watch was the real victor,
surviving the 10-hour swim and once and for all proving its superiority.

Romain Jerome Watches: Crafting Time from Legendary Relics

Romain Jerome watches are indeed legendry. However, the creators of these watches maintain a low profile. We have only a trickle of information about the company. The facts we know about the company may be jotted down in a sentence. Romain Jerome watches are crafted by a Swiss Jeweler and the name of the CEO is Manuel Emch. This scanty information epitomizes the ethos of the brand, watch making is an art and the craftsman is subservient to the creation.