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Glashutte Original Grande Cosmopolite Watch

Looking for something exquisite, exclusive and elegant, then look no further than the Glashutte Original Grande Cosmopolite Watch. This timepiece has been in development for several years, it is described as complex and simple, two conflicting terms, for a very exciting designer watch. Displaying home time, destination time, and includes 37 time zones, the watch certainly is versatile.

Breguet Chronograph Type XXII, the First Series-Produced 10 Hz Chrono Now in Rose Gold

The Breguet Chronograph Type XXII captures the heritage and design brilliance of the brand. Launching an exquisite beauty in 18-carat rose gold, the unique timepiece still encases the brand chronograph movement complete with silicon escapement and the flat balance spring whose frequency has now been increased to 10 Hz. This remarkable movement increases the precision of an already impressive regulating power, now 1/20th of a second precise.

The Unique World Of The Cartier Crash Diamond Set Ladies` Watches

Sometimes the inspiration for a timepiece design can be done completely by accident. But if that accident happens to be in the right place at the right time, then a sensation is born. The first line of
Cartier Crash watches came out in 1967, and they have an interesting, if not intense, story that goes with them. It seems that a former Cartier executive was involved in a fiery car crash while wearing a Bagnoire Alongee piece. The Alongee had an oval shape that was deformed in the fire. The result was something out of a surreal painting and it struck a chord with the Cartier brass.

Hublot And Ferrari Team Up To Present The Big Bang Ferarri Watches

Any watchmaker that would be considered the official watchmaker to the Ferrari Company, is a craftsman that requires precision and innovation. The makers of Ferrari automobiles pride themselves on creating works of art that move with grace and precision. Hublot is the official watchmaker to Ferrari, and the new Big Bang Ferrari line shows that the watchmaker also knows how to move with grace and precision.

The Line Of Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Watches

Many of the standard features on the Breitling Navitimer Cosmonuate watches are options that not every watchmaker includes with their premium timepieces. These timepieces are water resistant down to 100 feet, and that includes the pressure that comes with being that deep in a body of water. The case in each model is 14mm thick and each model comes with a screw down caseback. The chronograph is self-winding and it also comes with the flyback feature which keeps it extremely accurate.

Arnold And Son DBS And DBG Watches

In order to understand the DBS and the DBG wristwatches being offered by Arnold and Son, it is important to understand what the different designations mean. The DBS stands for “Double Balance Sidereal time” and the DBG stands for “Double Balance GMT.” Both of these models represent the best in timepiece engineering and are becoming extremely popular all over the world.

The Grand Complication Watch Is An A. Lange & Sohne Masterpiece

In order to be considered a grand complication watch, a timepiece must have several specific features. Aside from seconds, minutes and hours; the watch must also offer a minute repeating function, a perpetual calendar and a chronograph. Much of the problems in designing effective grand complication timepieces come from the effective and useful design of the face of the wristwatch as well as creating a mechanical system that allows for supreme accuracy.

Beauty Meets Precision With the Metiers D`Art Florilege Watch Collection By Vacheron Constantin

When a watch designer releases a series of watches, he usually includes different functionality in each model to appeal to a different kind of customer. When Vacheron Constantin released the Metiers d’Art Florilege watch collection, there was not much difference in the functionality of each watch. However, this is still one of those watch collections where you will absolutely want to have the entire collection in your possession.