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Stylish Bovet OttantaTre by Pininfarina

The 83rd anniversary of the Italian design house, Bovet, is celebrated by the introduction of the stylish edition OttantaTre by Pininfarina. Driven by the quality and perfectionist passion of owner Pascal Raffy, the brand delivers the third tourbillon in the collection, uniting an equal match in the demanding house of Paolo Pininfarina.

The two houses combine to deliver tradition, avant-garde vision, technical brilliance and expert craftsmanship. This design and Haute Horlogerie are a showcase of the criteria used in developing such sophistication and masterful results. The identity of the OttantaTre is quite obvious as you see the 12 o’clock positioning of the crown and bow, coupled with the Amadeo® system, marking a Bovet timepiece for easy recognition. On the other side, the flat bezels, black cylindrical crown and black rubber strap clearly show the influence to the collection by Pininfarina.

Royal Black Caviar Watch at Baselworld 2013

Certainly caviar connoisseurs are a demanding group, and relish one of the most expensive food items in the world, so you can certainly understand why they would be great demand for a caviar designed timepiece. Reflecting elegance, and luxury, the watch brand, York has crafted a unique design and delivered the Royal Black Caviar watch presenting it at Baselworld 2013.

The timepiece is the utmost in refined beauty, with 18K white gold casing, and 3.2 carat weight of black diamonds which total 53 along the outer ring of the watch dial. A fitting companion to this magnificent timepiece will be the Caviar ensemble, in 925 sterling silver, a server and spoon set with marquetry, forming a total set of which is limited edition to 99 units worldwide.

Montegrappa Icons Elvis Presley Pens Collection

Montegrappa is celebrating the life of Elvis Presley through their Icons series. The brand has developed four pen models to pay tribute to several important phases in his career, from 1956 to 1977. Each piece is an elegant addition, and a remarkable masterpiece.

Marking the legendary period with significant colors, each pen possesses a resin body in a specific color representative of that era. The fountain pens are cartridge/converter fill and the 18 kt gold nibs are engraved with the full-height profile of Elvis at the microphone. Accompanying each pen is a CD of Elvis’s Greatest Hits.

Aqua is the color that was chosen to represent the 1950’s, a popular color during the period found on two-tone automobiles and electric guitars. The pocket clip showcases a period jukebox. 1956 was a high point for the king of rock and roll.

Kobe Bryant’s New Hublot Watch

Hublot has added another prestigious name to its already high profile roster of brand ambassadors with Kobe Bryant. The partnership presented the King Power Black Mamba Chronograph Watch, limited edition of only 250 pieces, and capturing the essence of the inspiration provided by Bryant’s career and outstanding personality.

The luxurious timepiece crafted in black and purple with gold accents, features a HUB 4248 automatic chronograph movement placed perfectly inside a 48mm ceramic case with titanium and resin composites. The watch showcases a strong, and powerful look, a design that reflects the evolutionary style of both the Hublot brand and the inspirational Bryant.

HYT H2 Watch – Liquid Cool Wrist Engine

A timekeeping masterpiece, the HYT H2 Watch is a concept of brilliance, combining high-end watch manufacturing with fluid mechanics. Born from a shared vision, the watch was inspired by the hydro mechanical horologists and the team of Audemars Piguet Renaud Et Papi, guided by Giulio Papi.

Truly pushing the limits of watch making as it is known, the integration of fluidics into mechanical watch making has called for the architecture of this hybrid creation to be completely redesigned. Enclosing the bellows, the system of feelers, cams and pistons, each piece has to be integrated to coexist with each other, not just on an aesthetic level, but key components that deliver a new concept.

Cristiano Ronaldo in new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch Ad Campaign

The soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo appears in the new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch ad campaign, featuring the amazing timepiece, displaying 20 different time zones on the face, a watch that certainly would be a needed accessory for such a jet-setting soccer star. Ronaldo is a forward for Real Madrid, the captain of the Portuguese national team, and a high profile client of the New York based brand.

As a long time client of the brand, the soccer star is now personal friends with owner Jacob Arabo. Both men share a passion for creativity and excellent craftsmanship. Ronaldo is a collector of fine watches, and therefore looks for quality, precision and design brilliance. The Ghost watch certainly is a great fit for his lifestyle and frequency of international travels.

Christian Dior VIII Beguette Dallas Special Edition

As a special tribute to the couture house and their taste for color, the Christian Dior VIII Baguette Dallas Special Edition collection was created. The new jewel timepiece in white gold, white ceramic and choices of a multitude of jewels, like rubies, sapphires or diamonds is exquisite. The bezel is set in blue color perfect baguettes, said to be inspired by the elegant pleats on cocktail dresses. The detail of the design showcases the research and talent that the brand put into the timepiece, the intricate setting of the stones, and quality of the workmanship.

Refined perfection is always the focus and goal of Dior, and this timepiece is a balance of both on the inside and the outside. The mother-of-pearl oscillating weight was hand-painted by a miniaturist and matches the ceramic and the bezel stones exactly. The color choice of white exemplifies the pure and simple, the crisp and clean, the contemporary and classic. The brand choice for this timepiece is a reflection of their style, transcending into elegant lines, perfect shadows, and continued excellence.

Bell & Ross Aviation Collection Soars to Whole New Heights

Bell & Ross was founded in 1922 combining the magnificent talents of Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich. The brand designs timepieces for professionals working in extreme conditions. First created for the French Army and civilian task force, as well as the UN and NATO, these designer watches are crafted with high technology and rugged construction.

The Bell & Ross Aviation Collection soars to whole new heights with the latest releases. The collection previously featured timepieces that were highly masculine, and captured the essence of aeronautics, but these new pieces are more than just new watches, they are flight instruments. Taking a twist on the brand’s BR-01 model, the new additions include the heading indicator, airspeed, and climb instrument recreated on the watch face.

Arnold & Son Launches the World’s Thinnest Tourbillon Watch

Over 250 years ago in a small workshop in London, James Arnold launched Arnold & Son, a brand that would grow and become one of the top watch making companies in the world. The British based brand has produced a variety of complications that has assisted in the worldwide respect and growth. The latest of these stunning productions is the launch of the world’s thinnest tourbillon watch, UTTE for short.

The watch measures an ultra thin 8.3mm in thickness, and houses the 2.97mm thick and 14mm in diameter tourbillon movement. Created entirely in the Arnold & Son house at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the tiny movement was developed over the course of several years, as precision and perfection are something the brand prides itself on. Well worth the waiting period, the timepiece boasts more than being the thinnest tourbillon in existence, it also was engineered with the same double-barrel system as all Arnold & Son timepieces, resulting in an 80 hour power reserve nestled in the ultra thin package.