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Zenith Rainbow Watch for 2013

The Return of the Zenith Rainbow Watch for 2013 will not only introduce a new limited edition version, but it will bear the name El Primero Stratos Flyback Boutique Edition, and will only have 250 pieces produced. This timepiece became popular in the 90’s, manufactured for the French aviation club and featuring bold aviation colors. This new version is spectacular in design and technological innovation.

The brand crafted the movement especially for this collection, and added the flyback mechanism which is now used in many of the brand timepieces. The original versions represented reliability, as well as artistic mastery. The new timepiece is 45.5mm wide and the case is constructed in black Alchron titanium and aluminum alloy. It is lightweight, striking in appearance with the ceramic bezel, and the slightly sloped design is both technically challenging and beautiful.

Panerai Luminor Submersible Slytech PAM225 Tritium Dial Watch

The Panerai Luminor Submersible Slytech PAM225 Tritium Dial was manufactured as a limited edition series with only 300 produced. Prior productions of this family were also produced in limited edition quantities. The style was crafted as a black-faced Luminor Marina with customized wording on the dial. Of course the name Slytech came from the fact Stallone’s signature was on the back, and the first pieces were crafted for him to wear in the movie Daylight.

The Pre-Vendome timepieces are in high demand by collectors and the watches can sell in upwards of $70,000. This new piece, while still produced in a limited quantity, is more affordable, but still manufactured with quality and reliability. The brand certainly became recognized by the prominence of the time piece when it hit the big screen.

Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons timepieces celebrate the enchantment of birds

For over three centuries, this man and his brand have brought artistic brilliance to their creations. The very essence of the brand spirit is captured in these ornamental masterpieces. Captivated by the blue songbirds of his native Swiss Jura, Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons timepieces celebrate the enchantment of birds, and pay tribute to the simple beauty of the creatures.

From the beginning of the brand, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the grace and delicate nature of the birds has fascinated Droz. Using advanced techniques to detail the plumage, truly capture the density of the colors and contain the depth of their gaze, the brand has designed and crafted a watch that is exclusive and exquisite. Meticulously placed on each side of the deal, two blue songbirds spread their wings, elevating this timepiece to a new level of perfection.

TAG Heuer Commemorates 50 Years of Carrera

A year-long celebration takes place in Geneva, Switzerland recognizing and exploring the aesthetic origins in architecture, art, fashion of the 1960’s and industrial design of Carrera. Part of that celebration of the line is dedicated to motor sports-inspired watches and chronographs and allows fans to view new innovations as TAG Heuer Commemorates 50 Years of Carrera.

The inspiration of the exhibit was to allow visitors the opportunity to see the line in its creative atmosphere. The celebration begins inside the early 20th century Sécheron Hall and showcases featured commissioned artworks, iconic furniture and a full historical range of the brand timepieces. The artistic creations that were the foundation of this concept came from Mark Rothko, Robert Indiana, Jackson Pollock, Peter Blake, and John Baldessari. Another creative inspiration was the brand Panamericana Mexico Road Race, an open-road challenge.

IWC welcomes New Brand Ambassador Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton

IWC welcomes new brand ambassador Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. The Swiss brand became an official engineering partner to the team earlier this year. While the partnership has shared a special agreement since 2004, it was a venture between two companies with successful history of precision engineering and a shared commitment of pushing boundaries for high technology and mechanics.

The appointment of the brand and latest partnership just confirms the dedication to each other and continued quest for excellence. The brand commented on the appointment of the driver, saying that he works to push himself to top performance, get the most out of his car, and truly represents all that the brand hopes to inspire. Becoming friends with this driver is an honor and means we shall all continue our quest for perfection.

Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 Luxury Watch, With Aliens

Designed by a master goldsmith and created with artistic brilliance, Grieb & Benzinger Area 51 watch is definitely out of this world. The art pieces on the dial are stunning with a three-dimensional display of rubies and diamonds, and only a small piece of the exquisite designs. The back of the watch displays the mechanical movement, featuring the in-house modifications, like the engraving, guilloche, and skeletonization.

The designs and details on this timepiece do not end there, there is also a three-dimensional planet display which has Mother Earth set on bridges giving an impression of space. The timepiece is set in a solid 18K palladium white gold case, and certainly will be a collectors dream. Perhaps the brand will design a stainless steel version in the future for all of the customers who would want to own one.

Christopher Ward creates golden Jumping Hour watch

An exquisite new timepiece reflecting innovation and artistic design, Christopher Ward created golden Jumping Hour watch. Crafted as a limited edition piece, it is truly unlike anything the brand has created previously. An elegant dress watch, featuring the magnificent and unique jumping hour complication that was developed for the brand as an extension of the ETA 2824 automatic movement.

For anyone who has not witnessed the brilliance of this timepiece, a jump hour has a standard minute hand, but the hour hand is replaced by an aperture that shows the hour as a numeral. The complication features the current hour until the last possible instant, and then jumps to the next hour. Some complications can crowd the dial and create a difficult to read situation.

Glashutte Original Unveils Collection Dedicated to Women

A sensational collection, glamorous and seductive, Glashutte Original unveiled collection dedicated to women at the Waterfall Mansion in New York. The collection features 20 new models for women, taking inspiration from the 1920’s and Women’s Liberation movement. Artistic and exquisite the collection offers something for every woman.

The celebration was done in elegant fashion, with exhibition rooms decorated with 1920’s memorabilia and capturing different facets of the era in each room. One specific room was set up to feature a series of black and white portraits of prominent 20th century women, each famous for changing the perception of women. The “Pavoninia” collection as the brand is referring to the selections, was definitely something that should have been designed sooner, as it is exactly what women have been waiting for.

Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement

A symbol of innovative watchmaking, the Girard-Perregaux Constant Escapement is a masterpiece. Crafted in the heart of La-Chaux-de-Fonds, from the creative mind and experienced hands of the brands team, this timepiece is truly remarkable. Entering a new realm of watchmaking, this design is so far ahead of the quartz timekeeping technology, it has set a new bar for other horological designers.

The foundation of this timepiece is the perfect and steady beat that is being supplied to the watch, and has no variation. The back and forth process, generates the constant force between the balance and the main springs. This escapement features a single thread-like silicon section responsible for that force. There is a micro-impulse that is carried to the blade, bending and storing the energy until it snaps into a mirror shape.

Chanel Premiere, Possibly the Best Ladies Watch of 2013

When looking for a timepiece that exudes fashion and impeccable precision, look no further than the Chanel Premiere, possibly the best ladies watch of 2013. When you see the new timepiece you immediately thing attractive, and the pedigree is of course untouched, as is the remarkable design. The most amazing fact of this timepiece is that it is not really new, it is just re-engineered, and re-introduced.

The story of this excellent timepiece began in Paris at none other than the Place Vendome, a high end luxury shopping area that is home to a variety of exciting and interesting hangouts. The brand, also based in Paris, has used the Place Vendome as a key shape in many of its designs, including the cap of the famous fragrance No. 5. Now the brand uses the design for the shape of the case on this exquisite timepiece.