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Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch

There are so many exquisite timepieces that this brand has designed through the years, some of them highly ornate, some of them simple, and yet all highly precise and crafted with the highest quality. One of the 2014 planned releases is a very unusual and special timepiece, the Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch. This is a rendition of the 2012 release, just slightly more elegant, with some amazing detailing and fabulous movements.

Utilizing the historic brand movement recognized as the caliber 5011, the production of this timepiece took form, and while it was an experiment, it has become a popular piece. The brand has worked hard on these models and has tried to develop some excellent designs with great movement. This latest release still features the enamel dial, and or the engraved white gold bezel and lugs. The movement has changed to the 5011K and is 50mm wide with what is said to be a competition design, not a wrist timepiece. While some of the designs are 60mm side, there are also the models created at 45mm, which certainly makes the larger ones seem massive.

Vacheron Constantin Malte for Men Watch

Producing the most exquisite and exceptional watches for men since 1755 this brand has never wavered on quality or precision. This new Vacheron Constantin Malte for Men Watch is another step in the fine art of watchmaking and showcases the exceptional talents of skill and artistry. The original timepiece that provided inspiration for this latest collection debuted back in 1912, and was one of the first timepieces that featured the barrel-shaped tonneau case.

This new release has the case redesigned and is now presented in 18k white gold for the first time. The case has been crafted with a 36.7mm by 47.6mm measurement and is 9.1mm thick, with a spectacular sapphire exhibition case back and is water resistant up to 30 meters. This redesign allows the setting to really fit the shape of the tonneau case to a glove, and features a silvered and sand-blasted dial with baton-shaped hour markers with Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock.

Zenith El Primero 410 Watch – Another Ode to The Past

The brand has celebrated a revival over the past several years as they breathed new life into popular timepieces from long ago. The reception to this reincarnation has been very positive and the latest model of the Zenith El Primero 410 watch, a spectacular step to another excellent resurgence. This impressive watch combines the most accurate automatic chronograph performance with a triple calendar and moon phase indications.

The brand has done a marvelous job of blending the old with the new, the dial has captured the essence of the original models from the 1970’s, but incorporating a more modern aura. The watch is presented in a 42mm steel case that houses the movement of the historic inspiration, a fully automatic column-wheel chronograph that was actually retired back in 2000. The decision to revive the movement for this limited edition timepiece was a stroke of brilliance.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Watch

A watch aficionado or just someone who needs an amazing timepiece, the new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is a horological masterpiece. Currently this timepiece is a concept, a vision that the brand is bringing to reality. Designed to be released at Baselworld 2014, it is truly a very high profile, high value timepiece, and whether it is debuted in computer render form or an actual release, well that is yet to be determined.

The timepiece is not designed as an astronomical complication, but it is created and themed like them. The sun is featured at the center of the piece, and surrounded by four orbiting objects. The objects are crafted to include a dial for the time, and this remains the same in all positions as it circles around the main dial. The representation is a rotating earth, a spherical crystal, maybe a diamond that spins gloriously, and a very impressive bi-axial tourbillon.

The 2014 Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph

Since 2002, the Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph collection has been issued every two years, bringing us to the 2014 edition. Certainly one of the most exquisite watches ever constructed, the latest version will have everyone begging for more. A titanium case, 44.5 mm, it also features a bead blasted finish, a nice contrast to the polished pushers and engraved case back.

Included on the back is the logo of the Automobile Club de Monaco, the organizer of the race and the inspiration for this collection of timepieces. This new model features a completely redesigned dial, a snailed silver-tone with 2 black subs sitting at 12 and 6, and the hour marker ring is accented by luminova filled arrow shaped markers. Finishing the timepiece to complete perfection is the black calfskin strap, highlighted with yellow stitching and a titanium folding clasp, or one can choose a nylon NATO-type black strap with yellow stripes.

The Year of the Horse Celebration – Ulysse Nardin Classico Horse

The seventh symbol in the Chinese Zodiac, a favored animal, a symbol of power, free spirit, emotion, success, and travel, is also the latest timepiece that has taken the world by storm. The Ulysse Nardin Classico Horse is the celebration timepiece for honoring The Year of the Horse. As a limited edition timepiece, the brand has declared the exquisite work as a symbol of those independent minded folks who carefully balance freewill and self-discipline.

The timepiece features an illustration on the dial of horses that appear to gallop with freedom, crafted by using the very intricate champlevé method. That art form is created where cells are carved with a chisel directly on the dial surface and then filled with enamel. The palette is made up of black, white, gray, green and tan crafted from metallic oxides, providing the most beautiful illustration of natural landscape and the depiction of the marvelous creatures that serve as this years honored symbol.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Orange Ceramic Watch In Platinum

The brand developed this unique timepiece and placed a very specific phrase on the back of the case, “World Premiere” engraved adjacent to the limited edition number on the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Orange Ceramic Watch in Platinum. The phrase introduces the timepiece in an impressive manner, showcasing the unique nature of this piece, and the brands limited edition quantity.

Ceramic is extremely difficult to manufacture in colors, especially bright vibrant colors, because during the sintering process the color fades during baking. All brands are working to improve the process and to develop more colors. Hublot released the first red timepiece using this material in 2013, and proved that the process could work. Now this release leaves yellow the only remaining color yet to be successfully produced in a zirconium oxide. It took the brand five years to perfect this latest color.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition a Quantieme Perpetuel 8 Jours SQ Watch

The highly respected brand has proven their expertise in this latest release, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition a Quantieme Perpetuel 8 Jours SQ watch. This model drew inspiration from a 1928 pocket watch, and in a limited edition collection of only 200 timepieces, the brand demonstrates all the skilled mastery of skeletonizing, enameling, and engraving. A remarkable piece whose skeleton movement is embellished entirely by hand, and the dial features guilloché work, and a translucent blue enamel.

The only perpetual calendar timepiece with an 8-day power reserve, it is mechanically programmed through the year 2100 and activated by a single date-corrector. The crafting on this masterpiece utilizes some of the highest artistic talents. Skeletonising a movement requires the utmost in precision, understanding the design of the Calibre 876, and then determining which components can be safely pierced and which can be cut away. Once the plan was developed the master designer and his team carefully began the process, each and every piece of the movement are then polished, beveled, and engraved, all by hand, one at a time.

Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Offshore Diver White Ceramic Watch

Back in 2010 the brand launched the original timepiece collection that would bring elegant style and brilliant workmanship to this type watch. Now the Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Watch is re-introduced in White Ceramic and takes the phenomenal piece to another remarkable level. The new design, new color, and other enhancements just reinforce why the brand is worn around the globe for performance and perfection.

When the original design debuted in steel it was off the charts in terms of look and design, still capturing the spirit of the collection, and showcasing the three-hand dial. The forged carbon case was durable and stylish, but when the brand added ceramic it became even more fashionable and favored. Black ceramic and orange debuted in 2013, and now the latest color takes 2014 in another positive direction.

A Lange & Sohne Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar Terraluna Watch

A horological masterpiece combining design brilliance, creative genius, and the utmost in precision is the A Lange & Sohne Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar Terraluna Watch. The brand has always crafted highly remarkable pieces, sophisticated, and quite “German” in the skill and complicated novelties that the collections represent. The timepieces are respected around the globe, by those who manufacture fine watches, and those who simply collect them.

This extraordinary timepiece features an orbital moon-phase display, along with the brand outsize date, a power reserve of 14 days, and a constant force escapement. The artistry that is captured in this collection is truly the pinnacle of Saxon watchmaking. The 45.5 mm pink or white gold case has the orbital moon phase display, showcasing the location of the moon relative to the earth and sun exposed in the back. The sun appears to be missing when one looks at the map, where the earth and moon stand out very quickly, however the sun is present, represented by the balance wheel, totally magnificent.