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Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Tourbillon Watch

If you love space, and value timepieces that capture out of this world designs, then you will definitely love the Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Tourbillon Watch, the latest in the MOON-DNA collection. One of the amazing aspects of this watch, it incorporates metal from the Apollo 11 spacecraft and moon dust. While the brand is well known for including exotic materials in their collections, they definitely put some ‘space’ in this design. An exceptional timepiece as far as precision, a unique 3D architecture, and exquisite details in the design, this timepiece will be a high end collectible.

The timepiece is crafted at 49mm wide x 45mm long x 20mm thick, not to large, but set just perfectly to allow for all the unique features. The piece will be a limited edition release of 25 pieces, and rolled into the “DNA of legends” theme the brand has produced. The design is very original, provides the intergalactic feel, and the rectangular shape allows for the numerous custom shaped sapphire crystals, five in fact that give unimpeded views of the intricate inner workings.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Annual Calendar 5960/1 A Watch in Steel

Known for the exquisite gold and platinum models, this brand has collections in every hue of gold, and exclusive editions in platinum, reserving the stainless for sportier or very simple pieces like the Nautilus or the Aquanaut. Yet this latest announcement making the premier at Baselworld 2014, Patek Philippe introduces the Chronograph Annual Calendar 5960/1 watch in stainless steel.

This was the first in-house automatic chronograph the brand introduced, a real achievement for any brand, but a historical mark for them. The decision to take this iconic timepiece and market it in stainless is a bold move, and it will be important to see how it is received. While the stainless seems somewhat more casual or sportier in its appearance, the overall version and what it offers is very modern, very elegant. The timepiece has a chronograph hours and minutes indication at 6 o’clock, in addition it features a day-night indicator, as well as showcasing three apertures on the top of the dial, date, day and month.

Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda Metrographe Watch

An elite brand situated in the heart of the Val-de-Travers, respected for the horological brilliance shown through the years, the company is vertically integrated producing every component except the sapphire crystals and luxury straps that are supplied by Hermes. Parmigiani Fleurier timepieces are highly sought after by collectors for the excellence and exquisite nature of the pieces. Due to the high value of the collections the brand realized they needed something discerning for a younger and more dynamic audience, in a more affordable range, thus the creation of the Tonda Metrographe Watch collection.

This new timepiece is created as a less cluttered version of a tri-compax chronograph. The subdials have a slight overlap, but the legibility is not effected and the functionality is not impacted in any way. Originally released with a cream and black colored dial, the brand also released a special edition light pale green version, ‘crème de menthe’ which is exquisite and has to be seen to really bring justice to this beauty. The design of the timepiece is one of the most striking of the characteristics, the highly visible figure 8, noticeable by the distinct outline shaped by the hours and minutes subdials.

Jaeger-LeCoultre New Master Ultra-Thin Collection is Purists’ Idea of Classic Elegance

While every watchmaker is respected for their expertise or unique styles, one horological expert, Jaeger-LeCoultre, a famed Swiss watchmaker is treasured around the globe for making timepieces with design excellence and slim styles. Luxury at its best, these designs are timeless and one of the main reasons this brand has continued to excel. The latest releases for this brand are similar to one of the earlier designs, the New Master Ultra-Thin Collection is Purists’ idea of classic elegance.

The sleek small case is featured at a diameter of 38.5mm and a thickness of only 7.58mm. Of course besides the amazing and pleasing aesthetics of the timepiece, it is powered by the brands proprietary automatic Calibre 896, which boasts a balance rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Clearly one of the most important timepiece manufacturers, the brand has revolutionized the watch making industry with manufacturing enhancements and scientific breakthroughs.

Chopard L.U.C. Tourbillon Qualite Fleurier Watch With Fairmined Gold

Unveiling the world’s first timepiece using the precious metal from South America, Chopard introduces the L.U.C. Tourbillon Qualite Fleurier Watch with Fairmined Gold. This creation is a true testament to the brand commitment for ethical elegance and sustainable luxury through ‘The Journey’ project they support. The certification that accompanies the timepiece guarantees that the gold has been extracted responsibly and has provided the miners with fair payment and premiums to show that mining of gold can be done sustainably.

Using the precious metal to produce such an exquisite piece, the main parts of the piece, case-back, bezel and case are all crafted from the metal, and part of our Coodmilla cooperative support. The group located in the Narino region of Colombia is a certified cooperative that can train, souce materials and deliver the best practice procedures. The brand made a commitment to purchase a substantial part of the output form the cooperative and will maintain that support as long as the standards are upheld. In continuing efforts to support other cooperatives in South America we will make commitments to buy other stocks as well and keep up growing business.

Bovet Recital 12 Watch, The Thinnest One Yet

This brand is totally amazing when it comes to unusual, unique and spectacular. Releasing four new timepieces in the Dimier collection, 11,12,15,16 with the Bovet Recital 12 Watch being the thinnest one yet. If you wonder why the brand skipped 13 and 14, well it seems that those numbers are considered unlucky in more than one culture, so not taking any chances. Sporting a new movement concept and this super thin case, the collection is one that will be setting a new standard.

The timepiece is designed so that the seconds hand gear assembly is visible through the rear of the movement, so every spin can be seen and admired. The dial is also unique in that the seconds hand only has a partial side with numerals, but it does have a three-sided blued-steel hand which allows for tracking the seconds meticulously. The visibility of these elements, including the balance wheel is just genius for the symmetry and detailing that has be placed in the design.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique 5015

A new release of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique 5015 has been introduced, the foundation of the brands sporty dive watch collection. The design of this Swiss diver timepiece is excellent, it delivers quality, reliability, character and advanced technology. While the watch is actually water resistant to more than the name suggests, the name was derived from the original dating back to the middle of the 20th century. There was a definite push during this time from all the main brands to test the limits on the sports diving timepieces.

During the 1950’s the first dive watch was created and while it was developed for professional use, it was also available for the general public that just liked the sporty look. It might seem strange since this timepiece is probably one of the only designs that transcends to normal life without any changes. People like the design, they like the functions, it is just a very usable timepiece that works well for work or play. This latest generation is just a clever update to the traditional beauty that has existed since the original design.

A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Tourbillon Watch

While the tourbillon has always been an amazing timepiece because of the ability to keep time with the utmost precision, it also had one drawback because of its construction, it is impossible to be precisely set to the second. Now with the A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Tourbillon Watch it is manufactured with the first twin guarantors for precision setting. When the crown of the timepiece is pulled, the balance inside the cage immediately stops and the seconds hand moves to the zero position, allowing perfect synchronization with the time.

This magnificent timepiece is available in pink gold, and platinum, limited editions of both, with a case that is constructed at 39.5 mm in diameter and 11.1 mm high. The Arabic numeral hour markers are very distinct with their blued-steel hands sitting on the dial. The movement designers at the brand worked to provide the direct braking of the balance inside the cage, allowing for the reset feature. As the crown is pulled the complex lever mechanism presses a movable V-shaped spring onto the balance wheel to make the instant stop occur.