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Jacob and Co Unveils $6 Million Yellow Diamonds Millionaire Watch

Founded in 1986 by the famous diamond designer Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. has managed to adorn the jewelry and watch industry with expensive and exquisite timepieces. Because the founder is a jeweler at heart the spectacular adornment on each piece is to be expected. In 2015 the brand released what was known as the Billionaire watch and it featured 260 carats of diamonds and retailed at around $18 million dollars. Now the brand is unveiling what is known as the Millionaire Yellow Diamonds watch, which retails for $6 million.

Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Watches by Cartier

The mystery clock concept dates back well before 1913 and introduced a clock which appears to have floating hands at the center of a translucent dial. The mystery being what drives the hands since no gear train is visible. Only a horological expert could provide the answer to the mystery clocks, and of course it all lies in concealment. Cartier introduced their mystery clocks around 1913 and the brand has continued to inspire and astound around the globe with each new mysterious watch.

IWC Pilots Watch Chronograph Boutique Edition

Excellent legibility, and a clear organized dial, coupled with meeting demanding conditions are all key features of the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph. So it should not really be surprising that IWC has released a new Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Boutique Edition. Clearly this timepiece shares similarity with the classic aviation watches, but that inspiration has taken another step and has new features that make it stand out more than ever. A steel case that is constructed at 43mm in diameter and 15.3mm tall. A fairly standard size for these chronographs making it a nice fit on the wrist.

Harry Winston Dazzles with Marble Marquetry and Ocean 20th Anniversary Biretrograde Automatic 36mm

Celebrations abound at Harry Winston in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the Ocean Collection. The Ocean 20th Anniversary Biretrograde Automatic 36mm is a highly exquisite timepiece and just one that is targeted at the female population. The other timepieces that the brand has dazzled the globe with include the Ultimate Marble Marquetry, Marble Marquetry and also two Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 36mm models.