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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton Watch

Aesthetics play an important part in timepieces and certainly one factor that all brands focus on when creating designs.  The regulator dial is one of those unique styles that is not new, but Chronoswiss, a boutique brand that was founded by German watchmaker Gerd-Rudiger Lang, and now owned by Oliver and Eva Ebstein, Swiss entrepreneurs ...

How Snoopy Ended Up On An Omega Speedmaster Dial

Omega has produced a number of limited editions through the years based on the original Speedmaster Professional.  It is wise to start with perfection and see how you can create collector timepieces that commemorate something amazing.  One of these timepieces is the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Snoopy Award”.  While many folks might not appreciate this timepiece ...

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