April 2021 – WORLD OF LUXURY

Monthly Archives: April 2021

Harry Winston Unveils Limited Edition Project Z14 Watch

Sporting Luxury Harry Winston unveils the Limited-Edition Project Z14 Watch which further enhances the luxury-sports timepiece to feature a retrograde-seconds.  The watch is a very eye-catching timepiece, with a futuristic design that is elegantly sculpted and incorporates that multi-layer dial with the brand signature shade of blue.  Named for the Zalium, zirconium-aluminum alloy the watch ...

Frederique Constant Debuts Limited-Edition Slimline Monolithic Manufacture Watch with Silicon Oscillator Balance

Fast & Furious Frederique Constant is well known for precision timepieces, therefore it is not a surprise with the debut of the Limited Edition Slimline Monolithic Manufacture Watch with Silicon Oscillator Balance, a technological brilliance in the field of horological precision.  This timepiece beats at a pace of 288,000 vibrations per hour, or 40 Hz, ...

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