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Alain Silberstein Arkitek

From Parisian Interior Architect to Architect of Time

Paris is known for its sophisticated and artistic culture, so it is no surprise that Alain Silberstein began his study in the arts there. Alain started pursuing his creative endeavours starting as a Parisian Interior Architect. Architecture is a unique blend of engineering and art requiring synergy of the left and right hemispheres of the brain to create a unique masterpiece.

Alain’s background with a sophisticated culture and interior architecture combined with his passion for luxury watches led to an ideal formula for an artistic yet elegant watch brand. He started the Alain Silberstein brand in the late 1980s and has been innovating in the industry ever since.

It is not too much of a stretch to say that Silberstein is also an architect of customer relations as well as watches. His “after sale service” philosophy matches the contemporary and genuine nature of the watches that he sells. Silberstein even has a unique definition of what a watch is:

For me, a watch exists from the moment it belongs to someone and that person starts adjusting it for himself. Before that it is nothing more than an inanimate object.

Arkitek Series

With so many resources around us that tell one what time it is, why should one wear a watch? Silberstein believes that it is the sense of identity, the difference between time and “my” time. Because of this he is known for delivering a unique individualized brand of watches that speak to those interested in sending a message. The Arkitek series is certainly no exception to this reputation. Below are a couple of the different limited edition Arkitek watches.

Alain Silberstein: Arkitek AK07


Alain Silberstein Arkitek

This Alain Silberstein Arkitek Black Limited Edition Men’s Watch features:

  • – 34mm stainless steel case with PVD finish
  • – black dial and index hour markers
  • blue, red, and yellow hands
  • – transparent caseback
  • scratch resistant anti-glare sapphire crystal
  • – and a black & white leather strap with deployment buckle.

Alain Silberstein Arkitek Black Limited Edition Men’s also features automatic movement (ETA 2892), date display at the 3 o’clock position. This watch is water resistant 50 meters / 165 feet.


Alain Silberstein: Arkitek Valentine White Limited Edition Unisex Watch, AK20


Alain Silberstein Arkitek

This This Alain Silberstein Arkitek Valentine White Limited Edition Unisex Watch features:

  • – 35 mm stainless steel case
  • – white dial, hour hand in the Red heart shape and the minute one in the Blue arrow
  • – Arabic numeral hour markers
  • scratch resistant anti-glare sapphire crystal
  • – Red leather strap and Stainless Steel bracelet

Alain Silberstein Arkitek Valentine White Limited Edition Unisex Watch also features automatic self-winding movement (ETA 2892-2), date display at the 4 o’clock position, and Alain Silberstein logo at the 12 o’clock. This watch is water resistant 50 meters / 165 feet.

Other Alain Silberstein Watches

In addition to the quality Arkitek series, Alain Silberstein designs other modern watches that appeal to artistic and creative individuals. Several of his other series include tourbillon, perpetual calendar, sports chronograph, and the iKrono line. The iKrono is known for the various strap designs that provide another way for individuals to customize and really create one’s own style.

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