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Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Aventurine Watch

Moonstruck Arnold & Son has designed and developed moon phase watches in the past, but this HM Perpetual Moon Aventurine Watch is just spectacular.  The solid gold moon phase is placed strategically above the sparkling blue Aventurine quartz dial and then paired with the in-house mechanical calibre and released as limited edition.  The beauty of …

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon

Demonstrating its rich British history and quality of Swiss craftsmanship, Arnold & Son represents the new version of HM Perpetual Moon with a steel hull and blue guilloche dial.HM Perpetual Moon model is a proof of Arnold & Son traditional clock with astronomical indications. HM Perpetual Moon with one of the biggest holes phases of the moon on the market is a part of the collection of Arnold & Son – Royal. Royal Collection is inspired to create a clock, created in the early years of the life of John Arnold, and pays tribute to the clock, made it for King George III and members of the royal court. Watches form Royal Collection demonstrate mastery of the brand in traditional watchmaking and classical arts and crafts.

Dead seconds of Arnold & Son

Since the BaselWorld-2012 Arnold & Son has introduced more than twenty new sophisticated manufactory caliber, many of which have no analogues in the world. Not many watch companies can boast of such outstanding performance, richly flavored with a scattering of different design awards. Favorite complication of Arnold & Son – dead seconds, like almost all the other technical solutions associated with high-precision measurements. That is not surprising, because it was a great watchmaker John Arnold who coined the term “chronometer” in XVIII century.

Arnold & Son Instrument Collection TB Tiger

The perfect combination of hand-engraving Metier d’Art and miniature hand painted by Arnold & Son. The latest addition to the collection of Arnold & Son Instrument combines marine precision mechanism with complication “dead second» (TB) and aesthetic perfection. The model has one of the instantly recognizable design Collection Instrument. Towards the center of the dial, located at around 9 o’clock, there’s a generous space wich creates ideal conditions for the location of the tiger image, made with the help of engraving and hand-painted with the application. To underline its exclusivity, this fabulous sample of high-precision technology and aesthetic perfection is available in a limited series, in the amount of only twenty-eight copies.

Arnold & Son DSTB “Dial Side True Beat” Watch

In a new release to be presented at Baselworld 2014, Arnold & Son will be previewing a revision of their well-known TB88 collection, the limited edition DSTB, “Dial Side True Beat”. The timepiece is a true tribute for the brand’s 250th anniversary, it encompasses every aspect of their foundation, capturing the heritage, the vision and the brilliance of the brand manufacturing processes.

British history and Swiss craftsmanship walk hand in hand in this masterful collection. Like every model the brand produces the timepiece features in-house mechanical movement. This traditional complication reflects some of the watches that were manufactured early in the brands history, when timepieces were produced with reasonable pricing, yet detailed quality.

Arnold & Son Double Balance GMT

The Arnold & Son DBG, or Double Balance GMT, is quite practical and stylish. It has two dials, with a different timezone on each, which makes it a wonderful watch for anyone who travels. Within the main dial are two distinctly different dials – one with Roman numerals and skeletonized hands, and the other with Arabic numerals and filled in hands – making it easy to remember which is which. They share a centrally located seconds hand; and a smaller, synchronized 24 hour dial with two hands – each reflecting the dial that they indicate – which shows AM & PM for each of the timezones. There is a clear section in the lower part of the main dial, offering a look at the double balance wheels – the uniquely harmonic “heart beat” of the watch.

This offering from Arnold & Son contains the A&S1209 manually wound movement, with 40 hour power reserve, running at 3Hz. The two dials each have their own independent gear train, and a single winding system and mainspring that they share; meaning that the time for each dial is totally independently set, with a crown on each side of the watch. Unlike most dual timezone watches, the minutes of the different timezones do not have to be set at the minute same – each time can be set to whatever time you’d like, which makes the DBG stand out from the rest. Each time dial is very easy to read, with rich detailing and lack of reflective surfaces: thanks to the AR-coated sapphire crystal. The design of the watch is quite practical, with the rest of the space on the watch face is also filled with useful information, unlike many other two dial, dual timezone watches.

Arnold & Son TE8 Metiers d’Art I Watch

Heritage and tradition are the foundation for Arnold & Son, and the English watchmaking giant has held true to that base for the TE8 Metiers d’Art I. The handcrafted and exclusive pieces will be limited to a production of eight. The brand took inspiration from the early period of John Arnold’s life when he crafted pocket watches for King George III and the royal court.

This latest timepiece the brand has designed takes its rightful place in the Royal Collection. The elegant expression of sophistication, and the classic English style certainly demonstrate the artistic brilliance the brand is known for. The tourbillon complication is an intimate part of the brand history and their success.

Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch features a three-dimensional big moon

The Arnold and Son Perpetual Moon watch features a three-dimensional big moon, the largest moon-phase tracker based timepiece on the market. Expanding the Royal collection, the brand has paid tribute to John Arnold and his early career pieces, some crafted for King George III and members of the Royal court. An exquisite and alluring piece, this watch certainly is at home in the Royal collection, proving the brand’s expertise in both artistic brilliance and traditional watchmaking.

Both a technical and artistic piece, the timepiece features a 42mm wide stainless steel case, as well as an additional choice of rose gold. The watch is complete with the Arnold & Son 1512 hand wound mechanical movement fixed directly beneath the black guilloche dial, which of course is home to the large moon-phase tracking plate that is created from crafted silver.

Arnold & Son Launches the World’s Thinnest Tourbillon Watch

Over 250 years ago in a small workshop in London, James Arnold launched Arnold & Son, a brand that would grow and become one of the top watch making companies in the world. The British based brand has produced a variety of complications that has assisted in the worldwide respect and growth. The latest of these stunning productions is the launch of the world’s thinnest tourbillon watch, UTTE for short.

The watch measures an ultra thin 8.3mm in thickness, and houses the 2.97mm thick and 14mm in diameter tourbillon movement. Created entirely in the Arnold & Son house at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the tiny movement was developed over the course of several years, as precision and perfection are something the brand prides itself on. Well worth the waiting period, the timepiece boasts more than being the thinnest tourbillon in existence, it also was engineered with the same double-barrel system as all Arnold & Son timepieces, resulting in an 80 hour power reserve nestled in the ultra thin package.