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Privé Tank Asymétrique Watch by Cartier

Legendary Legacy A legend in their own right, the French Maison Cartier has crafted the finest watches and in some of the most unique shapes. The Privé collection is a tribute to some of the most iconic brand models.  The older watches in this collection was designed with uniform guilloche dials and Roman numerals, the ...

Hand-Wind Cartier Santos Dumont XL Watches

Creative Genius One of the most creative watchmakers in the design arena is Cartier and certainly the new Santos-Dumont XL Hand-Wind Watch collection is a clear example.  The brand has been a leader in men’s watches, pilot’s watches and now this design sets new direction for size, and refinement.  The latest timepieces have been introduced ...

The Cartier Santos Skeleton ADLC “Noctambule” With Luminescent Skeletonized Caliber For 2019

Blast From The Past Introduced in 1904, the Cartier Santos is one of the oldest men’s timepieces produced serially and recently revamped. The watch has been revitalized, equipped with modern touches like the quick-release strap, a beautiful large ergonomic case, brand in-house movement and now the latest expansion. This new chronograph is the Santos Skeleton ...

Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Watches by Cartier

The mystery clock concept dates back well before 1913 and introduced a clock which appears to have floating hands at the center of a translucent dial. The mystery being what drives the hands since no gear train is visible. Only a horological expert could provide the answer to the mystery clocks, and of course it all lies in concealment. Cartier introduced their mystery clocks around 1913 and the brand has continued to inspire and astound around the globe with each new mysterious watch.

The New Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astromysterieux

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux model worthy of the award not only as one of the most beautiful releases on the exhibition SIHH 2016, but also as a clock as the true French character timepiece. This is- a model of a growing collection tourbillons, which takes inspiration from the amazing classic Cartier watches. In recent watches, transmitting "mystery tourbillon», Cartier returned to the popular Rotonde body, and it is actually three transparent sapphire glass disc - clockwork components, which every hour makes a full turn of the dial.

The cult of Cartier

When 29-year-old jeweler Louis-Francois Cartier founded the family business in 1847 Paris district Eglise Saint-Eustache near the oyster market, there were no signs that after 50 years a small workshop would become a rich empire and there would be a line of richest clietns from all over the world.

At the base of the future intercontinental luxury empire lay goldsmith Adolphe Picard, where Louis-François (1819-1904) hired an apprentice boy. Obviously journeyman tried very hard, because the owner decided to leave the business not to his relatives but to the boy Cartier.

Soon, the young jeweler knew almost all the dealers in Paris, and the orders he had set. It is one thing to be popular with owners of shops, and quite another - from the nobility. However, among customers there was Spanish merchant who settled in Paris, Ouizille-Lemoine, through whom fate gave Cartier a chance.

Stunning Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire

As 2013 came to an end, the brand introduced four timepieces that will take 2014 by storm. One of those spectacular timepieces is the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire, a perpetual calendar tourbillon, and a stunning piece. The other pieces are the Earth Moon (a unique moon phase design), the Tank Two Tone Skeleton (an updated version of the current Santos 100), and a Caliber diving watch.

The perpetual calendar timepiece is a creative endeavor for the brand, utilizing the Caliber 9459 MC, designed in house. This exciting new piece features a 45 mm x 15.7 mm platinum case, the concentric perpetual calendar that is exquisitely marked with blue brackets. The rotating aperture displays the day/date/month and the leap year indicator is located on the back of the watch, on one of the movement bridges.

Rotonde de Cartier Flying Tourbillon with Crocodile Motif

Those who eagerly await the Cartier art pieces each year, will be impressed with the striking artistic skills implemented in the creation of the fantastic and ultra-high-end Rotonde de Cartier Flying Tourbillon Crocodile Motif watch. This timepiece is one of the exclusive "metiers d'art" limited edition collection of watches, offered only for 2013, of which there will be only 30 pieces produced for discriminative buyers.

The dial makes this watch quite a unique piece, being made of natural agate which is various shades of blue that lightens as it nears the center. Agate is a crystallized quartz stone - similar to amethyst – that is found primarily in volcanic rock. The artists use the change in color in this stone to create an exceptional effect when they hand-carve a crocodile into the dial, so that the head is highlighted in a lighter shade of blue, with the lower sections of the body being darker, as it curls around the dial. In keeping with the theme, the watch includes a genuine crocodile strap. However, the focus of the watch is still the impressive hand-carved crocodile face, which covers the dial.