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Chanel Premiere, Possibly the Best Ladies Watch of 2013

When looking for a timepiece that exudes fashion and impeccable precision, look no further than the Chanel Premiere, possibly the best ladies watch of 2013. When you see the new timepiece you immediately thing attractive, and the pedigree is of course untouched, as is the remarkable design. The most amazing fact of this timepiece is that it is not really new, it is just re-engineered, and re-introduced.

The story of this excellent timepiece began in Paris at none other than the Place Vendome, a high end luxury shopping area that is home to a variety of exciting and interesting hangouts. The brand, also based in Paris, has used the Place Vendome as a key shape in many of its designs, including the cap of the famous fragrance No. 5. Now the brand uses the design for the shape of the case on this exquisite timepiece.

Chanel brand new Sous le Signe du Lion Collection

The Chanel Sous le Signe du Lion Collection is the brand’s exclusive jewelry collection. As with all the brand jewelry collections they carry a theme that links to some element of Gabrielle Chanel’s life. This collection features the beloved lion, since Mademoiselle Chanel was born under the star sign of Leo. The symbol of St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice and also a symbol of power.

Inspired by the rich gold tiles of the church cupolas, the exquisite beauty of the Palo d’Oro altar piece, and the amazing lions that are showcased on every building, and monument in the city, Gabrielle utilized the figure for decorating buttons, handbag clasps, and brooches as well as her apartment. The inspiration she used in her development, took a entirely new path, and this collection was born.

2013 Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon

Chanel is known around the globe for high-fashion, specializing in haute couture, and luxury accessories. Founded in 1909 by Coco, the brand is headquartered in Paris, France. In 2012 at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the brand was honored with their Premiere Flying Tourbillon being voted the best ladies watch of the year. To honor that prestigious award, the elegant brand is introducing an exclusive limited edition 2013 Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon, manufactured in only 5 units of each type.

Designed and crafted by expert Swiss watchmakers, the exquisite timepieces are being offered in two very distinct versions, with the color of the 39 sapphires being a most identifying factor. Watchmakers Renaud & Papi gave careful consideration to the design, incorporating their inspiration to do an octagonal design, to showcase the brands famous No. 5 perfume bottle stopper.

Chanel Watches – Elegance and Design Meet Durability

The year 2012 has brought about quite the collection of Chanel watches, especially for those who are serious collectors of the brand. For example, the Chanel J12 Calibre 3125 Watch, powered with Audemars Piguet mechanism was just released this past April, and has already captivated enthusiasts around the globe. The technology behind the beauty is probably one of the most amazing aspects of this timepiece. That being said, its appearance alone is enough to stop you dead in your tracks – from the stark contrast between the black face and gold details, to the beautiful window on the back that allows the wearer to glimpse the mechanics that power it.