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Christian Dior VIII Beguette Dallas Special Edition

As a special tribute to the couture house and their taste for color, the Christian Dior VIII Baguette Dallas Special Edition collection was created. The new jewel timepiece in white gold, white ceramic and choices of a multitude of jewels, like rubies, sapphires or diamonds is exquisite. The bezel is set in blue color perfect baguettes, said to be inspired by the elegant pleats on cocktail dresses. The detail of the design showcases the research and talent that the brand put into the timepiece, the intricate setting of the stones, and quality of the workmanship.

Refined perfection is always the focus and goal of Dior, and this timepiece is a balance of both on the inside and the outside. The mother-of-pearl oscillating weight was hand-painted by a miniaturist and matches the ceramic and the bezel stones exactly. The color choice of white exemplifies the pure and simple, the crisp and clean, the contemporary and classic. The brand choice for this timepiece is a reflection of their style, transcending into elegant lines, perfect shadows, and continued excellence.

Mouawad`s 6.8 Million Snow White Princess Diamond Watch

Mouawad is widely known for unveiling pieces of jewelry and watches that are one-of-a-kind, and at the Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition 2012, the company unveiled its latest creation – the stunning, beautiful, and elegant ladies watch that retails at a total of 6.8 million dollars. Mouawad is world-renowned for creating pieces that are favorites amongst celebrities, royalty and high dignitaries. The Mouawad`s 6.8 million Snow White Princess Diamond watch contains over 106.93 carats of diamonds, and features the latest in the state of the art watchmaking technology.