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Corum Bubble Watch

It is time for Corum manufacture to bring back the popular timepiece Bubble – a collection of articles originally published in 2000 and played a major role in the modern history of the brand. Over time, the issue of collection Corum Bubble watches has been discontinued, probably due to the fact that the Corum gradually began to lose its mind, releasing several limited edition models of the absurd watches. 

Corum Golden Bridge with Black Ceramic Case Watch

One of the most striking and highly recognized timepieces in the world, the Corum Golden Bridge with Black Ceramic Case Watch has made its latest unveiling. After 35 years the brand has crafted a new version of a loved masterpiece. Taking the creative timepiece and placing it in a black titanium ceramic case has helped to make this remarkable watch even more coveted.

This timepiece is a true technical feat, having the crystals injected into the case by using a pressurized mold that is at 980 bars of pressure. The ceramic material is then uniformly laid out by hand in a furnace set at 320 degrees for 30 seconds, in order to harden, a process that allows the material to shrink in overall volume by about one-third, and then when it reaches the appropriate size can be encased in the crystal. This labor intensive procedure is done in order to create perfection in this timepiece.

Brand new Corum Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder

Designing and developing a brand new Corum Ti-Bridge Automatic Dual Winder, the brand has surpassed another level in watch making manufacturing, and introduced the first automatic watch within the collection. Unveiling the latest addition to the Bridges collection, the brand has maintained alignment with their linear architecture, using the same escapement, gear train, and barrel while crafting the piece with the brand tonneau- shaped case.

The watch caliber is held in position by four titanium cross-bars, and is placed in a case that measures 42mm x 52mm, and one of the slimmest in the collection. The movement is truly a work of art, and is an extremely intricate piece of work.

Corum Admiral`s Cup Legend 38 Mystery Moon Watch

Corum, a leading Swiss watchmaker, unveiled an extremely stunning, breathtaking ladies watch. Corum is notorious for designing watches that are luxury watches with a sporty, casual appearance. The Corum Admiral`s Cup Legend 38 Mystery Moon watch embraces the true aspects of the company by featuring a beautifully designed ladies watch that incorporates diamonds, mother-of-pearl dial, and state of the art automatic movement into a luxurious, yet casual ladies watch.

Corum Bubble

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Fortunately for our future generations, businesses are starting to measure success with more than just profit. Corum is one of the pioneers in enlightened business practices and recognizes that with wealth comes the responsibility towards those less fortunate. The renowned watch company demonstrates this through its donations to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and its participation in the only watch auction supporting research against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Corum Watch – Distinction and Style

Corum watches have been well known for some unique features since they started up in 1955. Some of their earliest watches are well known because they would take a gold or silver coin and build it into the watch carefully and delicately. It was a slow and careful process, but the watches were so well built that people instantly loved them. The gold or silver coin was carefully and slowly split in half, and then placed into the watch and added to a timepiece for a stunning combination. The one thing that made the Corum watch company stand out in its early days was to convert the timepiece from a pocket watch to a wrist watch.