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Damiani Jewelry

Family Tradition Founded in 1924 in Valenza, Italy by Enrico Grassi, Damiani is a leading company of luxury watches and jewelry. The brand is highly regarded in Italian and International markets, and a leader in style around the globe. The family brand was built on creativity, design and entrepreneurial spirit. Over a century the passion …

Damiani Continues its Expansion into Japan

Japan has seen its fair share of challenges over the years and it has spent a great deal of time and money working to recover its economy. When a country sees a major designer of luxury jewelry such as Damiani decide to expand its presence, then that is normally a good sign for things to come. Damiani had nine locations in Japan, but it only had one flagship store and that was in Tokyo. Damiani recently made a significant investment in its Japanese presence by opening a second flagship store in Osaka. This makes a total of ten Damiani stores in Japan, and the market for the Italian-made jewelry only seems to be growing.

Damiani – Diamonds and Jewels Meet the Elegance of Ferrari’s Prancing Horse

In lieu of their jewel encrusted Ferrari horse brooch that was recently released, the designers at Damiani have decided to take things even further by collaborating on another high end project with the car manufacturer. Catering to a very specific niche of collectors, they are now working on an exclusive line of luxury diamond jewelry pieces. As stated, this new collection is being produced in collaboration with the none other than the car maker themselves, and it is aimed at exemplifying the sheer elegance, sophistication and beauty that only Ferrari’s design can invoke.