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De Grisogono Jewelry

Traditions With a firm foundation in Geneva and dating back to the rise of the Renaissance, High Jewellery tradition has always been magical. The imagination and passion that comes together for goldsmiths and jewelers, bringing trades together, creating unique pieces and striking emotions is what these craftsmen were born for. Centuries before true jewelers were …

De Grisogono Zebra Ring

Pushing the boundaries of jewelry design and bringing creative mastery,De Grisogono, graces the world of designer jewelry with brilliance. Fawaz Gruosi, has delivered some of the most extraordinary and desired designs the world has ever known. Created with massive gemstones, outlandish animal rendering and then accented with unbelievable amounts of pave diamonds and gemstones, the …

De Grisogono Otturatore Watch

Simple, sophisticated, and quite complex, the De Grisogono Otturatore Watch is a four faced mechanical timepiece that showcases never before seen innovation. The world of horological magnificence has exploded with the release of this timepiece. The dial features one complication at a time, while the squared patented proprietary movement houses four complications that are revealed alternatively by utilizing a sequential mechanism that rotates faster than a person can blink. The brand creation is a tribute to traditional watchmaking while embracing design brilliance.