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Franc Vila Esprit Unique Annual Calendar Chronograph – One of a Kind

If you are the mother, sister, wife, or otherwise special woman in the life of a man who prides himself on not only his knowledge of subjects like art, architecture, and more, but a man of discriminating fashion tastes, this is the perfect gift to consider. The Franc Vila Esprit Unique Annual Calendar Chronograph is a visually one-of-a-kind watch that is with an annual calendar, an intermediate complication between simple calendar and perpetual calendar. The month and date automatically displays every month to either 30 or 31 days and needs adjusting just one time at year, at the end of February.

New Franc Vila Watches – Luxury Sports Watches

New Franc Vila watches provide men looking for watches with plenty of great-looking options. All of the watches are of Swiss make, and utilize the best time-keeping technology available. Vila, the designer, started creating watches with a focus on being modern while maintaining classic styles. Great care is taken with the creation of each watch to ensure its quality. Because the watches are built in a more individualized style, the problems associated with mass production are avoided. The result is a durable watch that you’ll be able to wear with pride.

Franc Vila – Tradition of Uniqueness

Franc Vila is unique among luxury watchmakers for having the ability to create a convergence between the most significant aspects of horological tradition with modern, attractive design. Franc Vila designs are imbued with a sense of traditional Swiss watchmaking, while incorporating emotion and style into every design. Franc Vila creates unusual case shape using elliptical orbs and an elongated profile to flatter the wearer. The Franc Vila Cobra Collection, for example, is designed with a Dubois Depraz automatic chronograph movement and a date complication. Franc Vila hand-crafted complicated watches like the Cobra and the Columnar Regulator Automatic become immediately sought after by sophisticated collectors who desire to include the finest examples of superior quality in their luxury watch collections. The iconic double-lobe face is known throughout the world over, first introduced in Franc Vila classic Cobra line. Using the latest technology, Franco Vila watches offer collectors and luxury watch aficionados some of the finest examples of high-quality precision and elegant beauty. It is indeed a privilege to own a Franc Vila watch, and World of Luxury makes it easier to experience the elegance first-hand by offering a wide selection of Franc Vila watches at incredibly deep discounts, up to 50% off retail.

Franc Vila Esprit Unique – Contemporary Meets Classical

When living in a world of mass-produced accessories and cookie cutter designs, a watch like Franc Vila’s Espirit Unique is truly refreshing. With an exclusive clientele, these watches are designed to create new classics by capturing the spirit of the contemporary world. In addition to aesthetic considerations, Franc Vila watches take full advantage of modern technology and engineering practices.

The Franc Vila timepieces

Usually, the history of the greatest brands starts with a dream, and Franc Vila´s is no different. Franc Vila was born in Valencia, in the eastern Spain. He became passionately interested in art, design, watches and fountain pens at a very early age as well as collector of watches and fountain pens. Young Franc´s passion and love for High-End watch-making started when he saw his stopped father´s automatic watch come to life. Franc Vila got warmed up for high-end watch-making when his father hold him that the watch only ran when in contact with humans.