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Frederique Constant Classics Heart Beat Automatic Watch

Heartbeats are Unique Frederique Constant is a watchmaker that leans toward traditional but always wants to provide visual complexity or a hint of unique to every design. The new Classics Heart Beat Automatic Watch is a true timepiece that reflects that style. The open heart dial is one that provides the details of a skeleton …

Frederique Constant Debuts Limited-Edition Slimline Monolithic Manufacture Watch with Silicon Oscillator Balance

Fast & Furious Frederique Constant is well known for precision timepieces, therefore it is not a surprise with the debut of the Limited Edition Slimline Monolithic Manufacture Watch with Silicon Oscillator Balance, a technological brilliance in the field of horological precision.  This timepiece beats at a pace of 288,000 vibrations per hour, or 40 Hz, …

Frederique Constant Classic Moonphase Watch

Young and Creative While not a brand that originated hundreds of years ago, Frederique Constant is relatively young, only 31 years old and yet one of the most creative brands the luxury horological industry has seen. In the three decades since introduction, the brand has created collections that have been well received and developed their …

Frederique Constant Worldtimer

True Elegance While modern elegance might not be the same on all fronts, the classic elegance of a timepiece crafted by Frederique Constant certainly is.  The Worldtimer collection is a vital part of every wardrobe, and as great a value as ever.  Remaining one of the best travel watches around, the beauty of this timepiece …

Frederique Constant Heartbeat

The Heart of the Matter Frederique Constant launched their first watches in 1992, but the signature line didn’t appear until two years later, when the Heartbeat timepiece showcased the brilliance of the brand.  The craftsmanship of this collection was to highlight the mechanical prowess, the ‘heartbeat’ and certainly at this time a really innovative creation.    …

Frederique Constant Classics

Affordable Classic Frederique Constant is a brand that stands on the philosophy that luxury timepieces should also be affordable.  Exceptional watches that bring value and quality are the heart of the brand and each timepiece engineered to the highest standard.  The classic watches are the foundation for the brand, clean lines, reliability, and precision.  While …

Frederique Constant Classics Carree Automatic Watch

Square watches have not always been popular with men, but around the 1920’s things started to change. Pocket watches were replaced with wristwatches for men and the design of the square shaped case was born, mainly to accommodate the leather strap, but also as a fashion statement. Bringing that same style and statement back with an elegant retro look, Frederique Constant and the Classics Carree Automatic Watch exemplifies the brand philosophy and sophistication.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

In recent years, the word «smart» often sounds in the name of various electronic devices. It all started with a phone running on operating systems (smartphone).  Swiss conservatives from the world of watches refused to participate in the boom of smart watches – fashion comes and goes, a classic is eternal. Meanwhile, Apple company released its first smart watch: although well-known firm was not a pioneer in this area, but marked the beginning of the popularity of modern smart watches, gave new life to this class. The response from the masters of the Old World was not long to wait – first France and now Switzerland took up the production of smart watches. Frederique Constant manufacture introduced its first smart watch in an elegant body, with a classic dial.

Frederique Constant Classic Index GMT

“It all started with my wife Aletta, in the distant 1980s, when we are at leisure, after a long day of work, were drawing different clocks – says Peter Stas, CEO of Frederique Constant. – The adventure really began in 1991, when we received our first order for 350 watches of production: the company Frédérique Constant was born».

Unfortunately, not every watch has to be outstanding. The world hardly needs a daily watches revolution – we quickly will get tired of it. Often enough a time-tested classics from a company that is trusted for a long time. And deservedly so. Swiss watches Frederique Constant – is exactly the same case.

Frederique Constant Runabout Automatic 365RM5B4

Frederique Constant company would not call the watch collection in honor of the boat without any reason – it is worth noting that the class runabout could be considered extremely graceful ships, using in their manufacture special materials.

Let’s leave boats with crude forms of production and low culture behind, and move forward with Frederique Constant Runabout Automatic 365RM5B4.