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Frederique Constant is a brand that stands on the philosophy that luxury timepieces should also be affordable. Exceptional watches that bring value and quality are the heart of the brand and each timepiece engineered to the highest standard. The classic watches are the foundation for the brand, clean lines, reliability, and precision. While the brand is fairly new to the horological world in comparison to other Swiss watch makers, the exceptional skills, finest materials, and advanced production techniques are among the best. So certainly exquisite timepieces can be affordable, and still be outstanding. The brand wanted more of that option for the luxury Swiss market, despite the stigma that Swiss brands like prices high and closed supplies. Certainly anyone looking for a classic styled Swiss timepiece, but want a reasonable price, this is a excellent choice.

Frederique Constant Classics Heart Beat Automatic Watch

Heartbeats are Unique Frederique Constant is a watchmaker that leans toward traditional but always wants to provide visual complexity or a hint of unique to every design. The new Classics Heart Beat Automatic Watch is a true timepiece that reflects that style. The open heart dial is one that provides the details of a skeleton …