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Frederique Constant Moontimer Watch

While a relatively new brand, founded in 1988, the accessible pricing, in-house mechanical movement and overall aesthetics of the timepieces have made it popular and valued. The new movement that was added to the manufacturing this year has now provided a higher reputation and a timepiece aficionados are giving the highest accolades. Frederique Constant Moontimer is an amazing addition to their repertoire.

The timepiece features a single-crown adjustment system that sets time, date, and moon-phase. The crown winds the watch in the first position, and then second position sets the date if turned clockwise, and moon-phase counter-clockwise. The third position allows for adjusting the time on the hour and minute hands. The special phase indication uses a very detailed and precise image of the orb, created by a spectacular new technology known as laser ablation.

Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture

Since its inception in 1988, the brand has been recognized as a quality manufacturer of well designed timepieces, and one of great value with reasonable pricing. The new Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture is an excellent example of this excellence.

The moon-phase indication, which is designed with a identical image of the moon utilizes a new technology called laser ablation. Offering a single-crown adjustment system the timepiece allows for setting the time, date, and moon-phase. The first position features the crown winding the watch, the second is where the date and moon-phase are set, and the third position is where the time is adjusted for hour and minutes.

Frederique Constant 2012 Pavee Amour Collection for Women

There is always something wonderful that happens when the Frederique Constant watch designers collaborate with their Chinese ambassador, ShuQi. Since 2008, these two companies have come up with some of the most unique and beautiful watch designs in the industry. In 2012, the two of them have teamed up once again and are releasing the “Pavee Amour” collection for women. There will only be 888 of these beautiful watches created, so women who love luxury are encouraged to get their orders in as soon as possible. These collaborations always wind up being one of a kind, and this newest line is no exception.

Frederique Constant Slimline Tourbillon

For people who understand what pleasures can exist with a fine watch, there can be nothing more exciting than a fine piece that is getting excellent reviews and which is also relatively affordable. If you are searching for fine timepieces, such as the Swiss Frederique Constant watches, you should know from the start that you will be talking in the 30-100 thousand dollar range. In other words, purchasing this kind of watch should be seen as an investment. You want to make sure that you are getting the style you are attracted to, as well as functionality that fits your needs and expectations. It's okay if making a final decision takes you a little bit of time.