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HD3 Slyde to sponsor PokerStars` Caribbean Adventure 10th Anniversary event in January 2013

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is one of the premier poker tournaments in the world, so it only makes sense that the PCA would partner with a watch company that shares the same focus on innovation and excitement in every aspect of their company’s operations. It’s recently been announced by David Carrion, who serves at the PCA’s Director of Live Operations, that luxury watch company Slyde will once again be the official watch sponsor of the event and will offer its high-end, unique watches to the winners of different PCA events as they occur. This is the second partnership made between Slyde and PokerStars since the European Poker Tour also features Slyde.

HD3 Slyde Watch, Luxury Gadget or High-End Timepiece

Imagine adding great technology to a high-end Swiss watch. What comes out is a masterpiece that is every watch collector’s dream. The HD3 Slyde Watch is a luxury gadget. It is a high-end timepiece. It is also a great conversation piece. If you own and wear a HD3 Slyde Watch, you can be assured that everyone will notice it. It is one of the coolest watches ever made. It surely is different, and definitely takes watchmaking to a new level. This luxury watch consists of a special, personalized touch screen display that can respond to several commands. The stunning digital display and the high-end craftsmanship offer you a timepiece that is immortal in terms of style, uniqueness and functionality.

HD3 Complication Black Pearl watch

Watches are getting more and more futurist looking in their design. The HD3 Complication Black Pearl watch is one of the most futuristic looking watches on the market today. Everything from the watch strap to the dial, and minute and hour hand feature a design that looks like it walked off an alien spaceship and right onto your wrist. The Complication Black Pearl watch from HD3 retails at a stunning $400,000, and is available in limited quantities which have yet to be announces, to those who are willing to pay the shockingly high price tag.

HD3 Next Gen Slyde – Jorg Hysek Goes Electronic

Swiss watches have come a long way from the tiny mechanical gears that help us tell the position of the sun in the sky. While many watch connoisseurs may prefer the classic mechanical style, some people just crave more modern, twenty first century watches that utilize advances in technology. Jorg Hysek’s HD3 next gen Slyde edition is the perfect hybrid between a classic beauty and the James Bond all-in-one-device-that-fits-on-your-wrist.