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Jacob & Co Unveils Limited Edition Astronomia Maestro Worldtime Watch

Art In Motion           In the world of haute horlogerie there are a few brands that create art in motion, designing miniature sculptures that truly are functional timepieces.  Jacob & Co is one of the best brands that embraces three-dimensional designs and the Astronomia series is one of the best.  This new limited edition Astronomia …

Jacob & Co. Unveils Limited-Edition Opera Scarface

Music, Movies, Magic, Magnificent Leave it to Jacob & Co. to introduce a timepiece filled with music, movie elements, magical beauty and magnificent performance.  The Limited Edition Opera Scarface from the brand is filled with amazing features, and in collaboration with Universal Pictures they were able to use Al Pacino’s likeness, and with the push …

Limited-Edition Jacob & Co. Epic X Chrono Bugatti 110 Years Watch

Match Made In Heaven Blending together two partners that share passions can sometimes be impossible, but in the case of Jacob & Co and Bugatti, it is impressive. The partners both desire to provide cutting-edge design, and know that pushing the limits of possibility are what set you apart. Innovation and technology are a foundation …

Jacob and Co Unveils $6 Million Yellow Diamonds Millionaire Watch

Founded in 1986 by the famous diamond designer Jacob Arabo, Jacob & Co. has managed to adorn the jewelry and watch industry with expensive and exquisite timepieces. Because the founder is a jeweler at heart the spectacular adornment on each piece is to be expected. In 2015 the brand released what was known as the Billionaire watch and it featured 260 carats of diamonds and retailed at around $18 million dollars. Now the brand is unveiling what is known as the Millionaire Yellow Diamonds watch, which retails for $6 million.

Jacob and Co Astronomia Solar Watch

Looking for a unique timepiece that combines exquisite Swiss craftsmanship and horological brilliance of decoration, then choose the Jacob and Co. Astronomia Solar Watch. The timepiece allows the visual of each element as it is constantly in motion, all beating from the oscillator at the heart of the three-axis tourbillon, displaying the celestial world and the orbital display of hours and minutes. This brand is known for some of the more striking and bold timepieces on the market, as well as some of the priciest.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Triple Axis Gravitational Tourbillon

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Triple Axis Gravitational Tourbillon – is watch with a stunning panoramic view of the starry sky and triaxial tourbillon. In 2014, the brand has represented the model Astronomia Tourbillon, equipped with three axis tourbillon. This year, the ensemble of the astronomical clock, it was decided to add a three-dimensional display of sidereal time, which are side by side sky map and a day / night indicator. Designed in the form of sky dial Astronomia Sky makes a complete revolution in the interval equal to the stellar year (sidereal year – the time during which the Earth makes a complete revolution around the sun relative to the stars). Actually, the very “sky” made of blue titanium grade 5, and to complete the picture is decorated with stars of the 18-carat white gold and engraved with the hand signs of the zodiac.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Watch

A watch aficionado or just someone who needs an amazing timepiece, the new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon is a horological masterpiece. Currently this timepiece is a concept, a vision that the brand is bringing to reality. Designed to be released at Baselworld 2014, it is truly a very high profile, high value timepiece, and whether it is debuted in computer render form or an actual release, well that is yet to be determined.

The timepiece is not designed as an astronomical complication, but it is created and themed like them. The sun is featured at the center of the piece, and surrounded by four orbiting objects. The objects are crafted to include a dial for the time, and this remains the same in all positions as it circles around the main dial. The representation is a rotating earth, a spherical crystal, maybe a diamond that spins gloriously, and a very impressive bi-axial tourbillon.

Harrods hosts Jacob & Co Pop-up Watch Exhibition

Jacob Arabo – nicknamed “Jacob the Jeweller” – founded Jacob & Co. in 1986, after studying jewelry in New York. He arrived in the US from Russia in 1979, fascinated by fine watchmaking and mechanical art since boyhood. Watchmaking now makes up a large part of his business, as he began making watches in 2002, with his The Five Time Zone Collection, which is still one of most iconic made by the company. It creates an amazing, fascinating display of the time in time zones around the world – Twenty cities to choose from for display in four of the five windows, with the fifth window being used for the user’s local time – using the latest innovations in electronics. The watch’s internal GPS receiver can synchronize itself to the atomic clock that is controlled by the GPS network, by locking onto the global GPS satellite network. Along with these features, it also shows the current date. This is the perfect timepiece for a world traveler. His pieces are a favorite among those in the entertainment industry, and his company has become an international phenomenon.

Madonna Wears Diamond Mesh Glove from Jacob & Co

The traditional yet modern styles the brand has produced are always incredibly innovative, yet the cases tend to be more classic. The Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Technique Black is the first timepiece the brand crafted with a titanium case, and shows an entirely new direction for the brand. While 47.5mm wide the watch is lightweight and very comfortable.

Paying tribute to the millions of followers, Madonna wears the brilliant diamond mesh glove from Jacob & Co for her new tour documentary, Madonna: The MDNA Tour. Created as part of a collection known as Rare Touch, the one-of-a-kind adornment was inspired by a unique woman and truly exemplifies her great style and fearless endeavors.

Cristiano Ronaldo in new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch Ad Campaign

The soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo appears in the new Jacob & Co Ghost Watch ad campaign, featuring the amazing timepiece, displaying 20 different time zones on the face, a watch that certainly would be a needed accessory for such a jet-setting soccer star. Ronaldo is a forward for Real Madrid, the captain of the Portuguese national team, and a high profile client of the New York based brand.

As a long time client of the brand, the soccer star is now personal friends with owner Jacob Arabo. Both men share a passion for creativity and excellent craftsmanship. Ronaldo is a collector of fine watches, and therefore looks for quality, precision and design brilliance. The Ghost watch certainly is a great fit for his lifestyle and frequency of international travels.