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Jaquet Droz Exquisite New Limited Edition Paillone Enameled Timepieces

Known around the globe for stunning timepieces, technically brilliant mechanisms, and now Jaquet Droz has released the new exquisite limited edition Paillone Enameled three timepiece collection. These additions to the brand history showcase the artistic technique used on the dials, and each one is limited to 8 pieces. Unique and perfect, these watches allowed artisans the opportunity to bring new life to a century old ornamental technique.

The specialized process that is used on these watch dials is where a piece of foil is placed between layers of enamel and couples azure and gold, designed in delicate fashion, and started in the 18th century by the brand artisans. The practice done in house to make the dials takes precise technique, and multiple firings at temperatures approaching 1000 oC.

Jaquet Droz ‘The Lady 8’ Watch

Using one of the rare metals, one that has distinctive qualities, Vacheron Constantin unveiled the Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 Day Tourbillon Collection Excellence Platine. The timepiece has been issued in a limited edition series and designed with only the finest collectors in mind. Joining the ranks of the most exceptional timepieces, this watch is a culmination of technical brilliance in the major complication that is present by the tourbillon.

The Jaquet Droz brand of watches was born in 1738, when Pierre Jaquet-Droz set up his first watchmaking shop at the Sur Le Pont farm in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. This was not surprising, as he was born into a family of watchmakers and farmers; and it was under the tutelage of some of his older relatives that he learned and took a serious interest in clock-making and precision mechanics. Initially, he worked on pendulum clocks; before deciding to specialize in automatic mechanisms – a specialty in which he excelled. He created a series of grandfather clocks with amazingly sophisticated movements. He then decided to add music and automata to these movements, drawing the attention of wealthy clients.

Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons timepieces celebrate the enchantment of birds

For over three centuries, this man and his brand have brought artistic brilliance to their creations. The very essence of the brand spirit is captured in these ornamental masterpieces. Captivated by the blue songbirds of his native Swiss Jura, Jaquet Droz Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons timepieces celebrate the enchantment of birds, and pay tribute to the simple beauty of the creatures.

From the beginning of the brand, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the grace and delicate nature of the birds has fascinated Droz. Using advanced techniques to detail the plumage, truly capture the density of the colors and contain the depth of their gaze, the brand has designed and crafted a watch that is exclusive and exquisite. Meticulously placed on each side of the deal, two blue songbirds spread their wings, elevating this timepiece to a new level of perfection.