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Limited Edition Pens by OMAS

Soul of Simoni Armando Simoni was the founder and heart of OMAS Pens and believed that a pen was crafted to make writing a pleasurable event. A man who was both a technician and artist, combined his love to create luxury fountain pens. The foundation of the brand was built on quality and excellence, handcrafted …

Make Your Mark with the Omas Limited Edition Gentleman Seaman Fountain Pen

There are a precious few luxury fountain pen manufacturers that are able to get a significant amount of attention with their limited edition pens. One of the more successful luxury fountain pen manufacturers in the world is the company known as
OMAS. From time to time, OMAS will introduce a pen that gets worldwide attention and brings in a significant amount of interest from people all over the world. OMAS has decided to honor the founder of the United States Navy, John Paul Jones, with
OMAS limited edition fountain pen known as “Gentleman Seaman.” It not only captures a moment, but it also helps to portray that moment in pure elegance.

OMAS Paragon Pen

OMAS was founded in 1925 in Bologna. Creating a reputation of luxurious and
beautiful fountain pens, they are known worldwide for the Arte Italiana series,
featuring the Paragon series. Like a racy and fast Italian sports car, the OMAS pens are fine tuned,
and fitted for the writer. The styling and superior workmanship of each
OMAS Paragon
Pen exceeds expectations and is why the established reputation
is one of dependability and quality.

Limited Edition OMAS Pens

According to Marta Cruciani, Marketing Manager at Omas Pens, pens are changing, and OMAS is changing the design of their classic Paragon pen to reflect the changes in taste and style. The new design of the OMAS Paragon is larger and includes the new OMAS logo. The Arte Italiana collection from OMAS has been in existence since 1930, and is the true symbol of OMAS luxury and quality. Additional changes to the Paragon include a distinctive “O” on the pen cap as well as a redesign of the pen clip, which is also larger. The end section of the OMAS Paragon can be selected with a gold or silver plate.

OMAS – Pens that Write with the Spirit of the Times

The creator of Officina Mecanica Armando Simori (OMAS) summed up his passion for his art by saying “A pen must make writing pleasurable.” Everything else that follows from the design of his pens comes from that one idea. Since pens are used as a means of expression, the pen you write with should reflect this passion in its design. Armando was a designer and interested in aesthetics but was also had profound technical and mechanical knowledge, leading to a pen that mixes innovation with design.