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Ralph Lauren Safari RL67 Tourbillon

The Ralph Lauren Safari RL67 Tourbillon is a fashionable luxury watch that is part of a extremely hot collection. Inspired by the adventurous nature of a safari, the designer has apparel and timepieces featuring the new material combinations. From vintage gunmetal finish, featuring leather and canvas accents to the stunning safari colors the collection is using state of the art production techniques, with the high standard of excellence the world has come to expect from the fashion icon.

The special galvanic process used on the metals in the timepiece collection, was also used in the expanded eye wear collection as well. Certainly there was not a need that drove this special collection for the designer, it is simply one that is fitting for style and status. Luxury timepieces are designed with a specific customer in mind, and this collection as others in the high-end watch range are targeted for a certain demographic.