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S.T. Dupont Zodiac Collection Where Talent Meets Destiny

Many question what inspired Simon Tissot-Dupont to found this brilliant and respected brand that celebrates 140 years of creative genius and luxurious magnificence. Was it talent, destiny, or perhaps fate that has delivered such remarkable creations for this incredible journey?

The S.T. Dupont Zodiac collection is certainly a tribute to a lifetime of the finest in exceptional products. Design mastery has since the onset of this brand been the heart of passion that shines through in each masterpiece. Recently recognized with the EPV (Living Heritage Companies) seal of quality, the brand was granted this prestigious award by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. Awarded to French businesses in recognition of exceptional Savoir-faire, the brand is certainly deserving.

S.T. Dupont’s Elite Luxury Pens and Lighters

The famous luxury brand known as S.T. Dupont gets its name from the owner who started the business at 25, Simon Tissot-Dupont. Simon was a son of millers who was born in Savoy, and became known as one of the most elegant brands of pens and lighters. The company is known for its limited edition pens and lighters that were made specifically for celebrities of the time such as: