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Ulysse Nardin Unveils Diver Chronograph 44 mm Limited Edition Great White Watch

This Bites!           Quite a spectacular timepiece, Ulysse Nardin unveiled the Diver Chronograph 44mm Limited Edition Great White as part of the 175th anniversary new releases.  This is a creative, edgy watch, crafted in titanium and presented in white and gray.  Celebrating the latest brand ambassador, they have a 12 foot male Great White Shark ...

Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph

Yacht or Not Luxury and lasting beauty are what you expect from Ulysse Nardin and every timepiece that they create.  So when they introduced the Diver Chronograph why would anyone expect less.  Certainly you can know without hesitation you are going to get a timepiece that is meant to be worn, with comfort, precision, and ...

Skeleton X Magma Watch by Ulysse Nardin Fuses Carbon and Epoxy To Striking Effect

Showy and Spectacular  The new Ulysse Nardin timepiece was born in Le Locle, Switzerland and to say it sizzles is just a tease. The lava inspired timepiece brings style, elegance and excitement to a world of ordinary watches. The brand Skeleton X Magma Watch fuses carbon and epoxy, to create showy and spectacular, and take ...

Freak Out Watch Released by Ulysse Nardin

The entire Ulysse Nardin Freak collection bring fresh to the world of horological timepieces. Watches that are unlike most, featuring unusual tourbillons and equipped with a movement that in its entirety is basically the minute hand. These highly identifiable features are what the brand has used to define the collection and now they are introducing four new watches in the Freak Out collection.

Freak Vision Ulysse Nardin Watch

If you are looking for a timepiece that is revolutionary, and introduced by a leading edge brand, then look seriously at the Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Watch. A pioneer of innovation in timepieces, the brand has introduced some of the greatest strides in horological history. Taking some major points from the InnoVision 2, like a novel type of automatic winding system using all silicon parts, and the ability to offer winding of the mainstream with very small movements of the case. Unlike the traditional automatic winding system, an oscillating weight will travel across a wide arc to generate the needed winding power.  

Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar by Ulysse Nardin

As is well known: the art of simplicity - it is a complex puzzle, and a new model of Ulysse Nardin proves it. The annual calendar of manufacture - mechanically complicated, but technically simple, elegant, but easy to use. Simplicity is always elusive, and original at the same time. The new model Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar is fully consistent with this statement. Outwardly simple, uncluttered, the complexity of the mechanism is hidden from the gaze of its owner. The annual calendar, the indicators of which is regulated in two directions: forward and back, mechanism configured using silicon technology, maximum precision of fully manufactory caliber UN-153.

Blue Cruiser Ulysse Nardin Freak Timepiece

Back in 2001 Ulysse Nardin introduced this series, and unveiled this year at Baselworld is the latest Freak Blue Cruiser, a part of that original series and just as stunning with design and character. From the initial series, the timepieces were revolutionary, introducing the first watch with dual direct escapement and silicon components. The brand continued to evolve this series and every new release improved the design as well as presented advanced materials being used in the components.

The foundation of this series concept has always remained true, maintaining no dial, no crown. Offering quality and reliability like you have come to expect of the brand, this timepiece does not disappoint. Featured in 45mm 18K white or rose gold, the watch beats with a brand powered manual-wind Cal UN-205 movement, providing a 7 day power reserve. The timepiece is equipped with a silicon escapement and hairspring, in addition to a flying tourbillion with a seconds indicator.

Refreshed for 2014 – Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver

The Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver has always been a trademark collection and this new refreshed version for 2014 is still spectacular. The design features are unique for the timepiece and have long set this piece apart from other similar watches. Being one of the most elegant and exquisite designs this line of timepieces has seen is also one of the main reasons for the success.

When the brand decided to provide this new version, they wanted to focus on the aesthetics of the piece, and keep all the other exceptional framework intact. With a horological history of 170 years the brand has been manufacturing exceptional and highly precise nautical chronometers,sporting the unique anchor logo. Certainly a leader in the Swiss watchmaking world, the brand designs beautiful and highly complicated timepieces.

The Year of the Horse Celebration – Ulysse Nardin Classico Horse

The seventh symbol in the Chinese Zodiac, a favored animal, a symbol of power, free spirit, emotion, success, and travel, is also the latest timepiece that has taken the world by storm. The Ulysse Nardin Classico Horse is the celebration timepiece for honoring The Year of the Horse. As a limited edition timepiece, the brand has declared the exquisite work as a symbol of those independent minded folks who carefully balance freewill and self-discipline.

The timepiece features an illustration on the dial of horses that appear to gallop with freedom, crafted by using the very intricate champlevé method. That art form is created where cells are carved with a chisel directly on the dial surface and then filled with enamel. The palette is made up of black, white, gray, green and tan crafted from metallic oxides, providing the most beautiful illustration of natural landscape and the depiction of the marvelous creatures that serve as this years honored symbol.