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How Snoopy Ended Up On An Omega Speedmaster Dial

Omega has produced a number of limited editions through the years based on the original Speedmaster Professional.  It is wise to start with perfection and see how you can create collector timepieces that commemorate something amazing.  One of these timepieces is the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Snoopy Award”.  While many folks might not appreciate this timepiece …

Graff GraffStar Slim Eclipse

Graff was founded in 1960 and quickly built a strong reputation for quality and for being a renowned diamond jeweler. With such a strong foundation created for the brand, they launched a watch division in 2008 with timepieces inspired by diamonds and crafted with precious metals. The GraffStar collection was introduced in 2013 and then most recently the Slim Eclipse, crafted in titanium with a breathtaking black diamond-like carbon coating.

Panerai L’Astronomo Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation Time GMT Watch

Each year as timepieces are released, the world waits for those specific ones that demand attention. Panerai is one brand who likes to deliver that piece and collectors are thrilled when they get the opportunity to finally add their customization and own that striking timepiece. The L’AstronomoLuminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation Time GMT Watch is that collector piece. Various precious metal options are available, but be prepared to wait, because delivery takes almost a year, and the handcrafting begins upon order, with one horological expert assigned and dedicated to that specific piece.

Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch

Crafting the first Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar Watch, continues a tradition in high-end watchmaking, and a future vision for the brand. Founded in 1960, Laurence Graff has grown the brand into a wealth of expertise and horological knowledge, a place where only the best gemstones are secured and a staff that knows exactly how to utilize them.

Wrist watch for mountaineers and climbers

For obvious reasons, the vast majority of climbers and rock-climbers take off their watches and everything superfluous immediately before exercise or competition climbing. However, in some cases, the clock remains on the hand (for example, if there is no other opportunity to know times or reach the heights, you need a beep alert, or simply do not want to dirty the mobile phone with your hands).

Ball Moon Phase

The lunar calendar with moon phase indicator is a special category of fine watch complications. Aesthetics, romance, mystery – all this is moon phase.

We first see the calendar with moon phase indicator is in this configuration, how it was created by Ball in a recent men’s watches Moon Phase. What is the difference of the indicator Moon phases from the others?

We will answer the question, but first invite you to become familiar with the subject of the above conversation. These watches are worth it!

Roger Dubuis: exquisite sumptuousness for ladies

In 2016, most Roger Dubuis attention will be paid to women: the company is proud to announce this year of Diva Velvet. Diva of the world Roger Dubuis has inimitable diva temperament and multifaceted personality. Incomparable complexity of the women nature make a unique ability to turn reveal their various parties and boldly demonstrate this or that facet of character, depending on the situation and mood.

Jorg Hysek: the story of brand

Over the past couple of years the Swiss watch brand Jorg Hysek, the pilot project of well-known designer has become a serious player in the market of prestigious watch mechanics. Hysek perfectly distinguished himself as guest creative director for many famous brands. For example, in 1984, he was awarded the Grand Prix de Geneve for the bracelet, designed for Vacheron Constantin watch. Since then the name Hysek is becoming increasingly popular, and today he is considered as one of the most original and talented designers in the watch world. Hysek work is not confined only to the design – he creates the whole concept of watches, from sketch to the campaign. 

From Russia with love — Aviator Professional

Aviator – is Russian brand of aviation watches, which is owned by the watch company “Volmax”, which includes such brands as “Buran” and “Sturmanskie”. The history of watchmaking air time meters starts in 1927. It was decided to set up watches production which could be equal to western analogs. Watch Factory was built, equipped with American equipment. Already in 1931 year the production has started to export abroad. In the same year it begins to develop special models for the Army, Air Force and Navy.

Modern Aviator models have their own fans from the entire world. Today let’s talk about men’s chronograph Aviator Professional – the satellite of a real professional.