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Patek Philippe Discontinues the Nautilus 5711

Don’t Stop! Sometimes when a product is discontinued it has no impact but that is not the case with the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711.  The notice that the brand will discontinue certainly has caused a stir, with a decade long waiting list the production stop notice has turned the horological world on end.  While it …

Luxury Watch Trends of 2019

The most prevalent trends in 2019 were: 1) blue dial color watches; watches with dial sizes between 36mm and 42mm were most popular; 3) another trend that continued in 2019 was fascination with complicated watches – date display, chronograph, GMT function, and a second timezone. Blue Is Your Color The watch dials that seemed most …

Boss Bags and Handbags

Stand Out And Stand Tall A brand history that dates back to the 20’s, one that has faced political and financial challenges, and has grown into one of the world’s most prominent fashion houses.  The Hugo Boss collections are designed with clean lines, refined finishes, structured shapes with beautiful colors and textures.  The accessories that …

Pre-Owned Rolex, Patek, A Lange & Sohne Watches

Re-New Pre-Owned timepieces from fine brands are what allow everyone to not only have the opportunity to own one of the prestigious watches, but to experience some of the finest workmanship in the world.  The beautiful collections from Rolex, Patek, and A. Lange & Sohne are just a few of the brand name watches you …

Ball Moon Phase

The lunar calendar with moon phase indicator is a special category of fine watch complications. Aesthetics, romance, mystery – all this is moon phase.

We first see the calendar with moon phase indicator is in this configuration, how it was created by Ball in a recent men’s watches Moon Phase. What is the difference of the indicator Moon phases from the others?

We will answer the question, but first invite you to become familiar with the subject of the above conversation. These watches are worth it!