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Urwerk UR-105M Watch, Strength and Style

While perhaps not the oldest Swiss timepiece making brand, it is one of the most admired and awarded. Recognized for the innovative and complex designs, the brand has gained respect from timepiece aficionados around the globe. One quite impressive piece from Urwerk is the UR-105M Watch, displaying strength and style, the perfect combination.

This timepiece is constructed for durability, built tough, crafted with steel and titanium, but the inner movement is smooth as silk, featuring four forged-aluminum satellites rotating inside the clear case, showcasing the numeral on the bottom, a heart that is complicated but extremely elegant. The second display on the piece helps to provide relevant information, and also houses the power reserve indicator located on the side.

Urwerk UR-210 with Winding Efficiency Indicator

There are different kinds of men’s watches for men with different kinds of personalities. For example, men who are interested in class and style more than any other factor will choose timepieces that fit their look or the suits they normally sport. For many men, however, efficiency and mechanical brilliance are the true draws of well made watches. As a matter of fact, when you are using a fine watch, such as the Urwerk, you can be sure that you are wearing a timepiece that utilizes all of the classic technology and mechanical knowledge available to watchmakers to create a watch that is more than just an effective and powerful device, but which is also a masterpiece of mechanical precision.