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Chopard’s Imperiale Jewelry

Jeweler, watchmaker, both, Chopard has introduced the new collection of Imperiale watches and a complete line of jewelry to accompany the timepieces. The timepiece is a beautiful two-tone selection, and the entire collection is an exquisite blend of sophisticated and sensual pieces, simple but chic, designed for women with luxurious taste, and demanding personalities. Crafted of rose or white gold, these pieces have been created for everyone, young and old, with amazing shapes, rich colors and curves that make everyone envious.

The collection includes bracelets, ring, multiple length necklaces with pendants, and earrings that are all bear the signature motif for the series, a stylized four-sided flower shape that took inspiration from the traditional embroideries that adorned the gowns, and fabrics for majestic royalty from many countries. The timepieces within the collection also feature the flower motif on the dial and it has been used in various sizes, from delicate and soft to bold and striking.

Chopard's Imperiale Jewelry

The Chopard Imperiale Jewelry is crafted with open-work motifs which allow for the slightest view of the beautiful smooth amethysts, the stone that is reflects the rich brilliant color of royalty. Other gems used in the collection are pink quartz and chalcedony, which combined with the rose gold provides a touch of antiquity. Designed for a younger buyer the collection is done without the amethyst, opening up the motif to more of a hollow crevice that catches light and shimmers on the skin. There is also a diamond-set version that is just a step up in this terrific collection.

Chopard's Imperiale Jewelry

Young or old, the collection allows for any age, and is a combination of precious gems and intriguing pieces, created by Genevan and the brand, a match made in heaven. The careful creation begins with gems that are worthy of the brand seal, and then carefully developed in the Geneva workshop into the masterpieces that create this magnificent collection. The combination of white and rose gold captures the purity of the metal and the gems provide the luxury and distinction that is recognized with each brand piece.

Sensual and self-confident, the woman who wears Chopard’s Imperiale Jewelry collection adorns herself with impeccable choices, from clothing and makeup to each and every piece. As you take a step out, focus on adorning yourself with the brands stylish gems and bring out the noble elegance of your beauty, while relying on the reputation and quality that you only can find with the history and understated brilliance delivered here.

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