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Jaquet Droz Exquisite New Limited Edition Paillone Enameled Timepieces

Known around the globe for stunning timepieces, technically brilliant mechanisms, and now Jaquet Droz has released the new exquisite limited edition Paillone Enameled three timepiece collection. These additions to the brand history showcase the artistic technique used on the dials, and each one is limited to 8 pieces. Unique and perfect, these watches allowed artisans the opportunity to bring new life to a century old ornamental technique.

The specialized process that is used on these watch dials is where a piece of foil is placed between layers of enamel and couples azure and gold, designed in delicate fashion, and started in the 18th century by the brand artisans. The practice done in house to make the dials takes precise technique, and multiple firings at temperatures approaching 1000 oC.

Jaquet Droz Exquisite New Limited Edition Paillone Enameled Timepieces

Jaquet Droz decorated each of the new timepieces with the brand favorite floral motif, blue steel hands that are complimented by the blue enamel. The Petite Heure Minute Paillonnee is the first of the three new limited edition watches, spectacular featuring a Blue Grand Feu Paillonnee-enameled dial and an 18-carat red gold case. Next is the Grande Second Paillonee, the dial design is quite similar to the first, but set in a 22-carat white gold case, striking in beauty and elegance. The final watch in the collection is the Pocket Watch Paillonnee, simple and totally classic.

Jaquet Droz Exquisite New Limited Edition Paillone Enameled Timepieces

The motif for each of these was used to carry over the floral theme the brand favors, while e the blued steel hands compliment the ultramarine dial, and the red gold case, finished with the black or blue alligator leather strap all reflect the exquisite nature of each of these watches. Powered by the JD 2653, 2663, or 1615, each timepiece is manufactured with automatic movements, self-winding capabilities, and power reserves of 68 hours, or 40 for the pocket watch.

The greatest thing that Jaquet Droz has done with these latest creations is take the watchmaker’s expertise and jeweler’s art and combine then into one magnificent design. There are always new designs on the verge of creation in the brand house, so you never know what is coming next, but before you move to the future, don’t miss out on the here and now, with these very limited edition selections that are a collectors dream. No matter what wrist will grace these beauties, they will accessorize any wardrobe, and in a style that fits every budget.

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