Montegrappa Pens

The Montegrappa brand stands in the same historic building on the bank
of the River Brenta since 1912. Absolutely one of the most breathtaking
areas, situated in the town of Bassano del Grappa, and located in a
prosperous area of north-eastern Italy. The brand has strived for perfection in
their collections and looks for the true value in relationships. The progress
that has been made in writing instruments and in the world has also been with
a price, touching values, truths, and our human spirit. The relationship that
man has with paper and pen is a way to capture the moment, savour the
words, and slow down the pace that sweeps us away. Tradition is the heart of
the brand and while innovation is critical, the devotion to this tradition is how
we continue to drive forward.

A century of excellence that has defied the odds has not been without
challenges, but have also strengthened the brand. The brand name is taken
from the famous mountain that rises to a height of 1775 meters painting a
spectacular landscape. ELMO is the Italian version of the name of one of the
brand founders, a German Eng. Heinrich Helm. Partnered with Alessandro
Marzotto, a Venetian aristocrat, the pair blended their background and culture
to drive their shared passion for innovative mechanization and quality.
Together the birth of the first fountain pen factory took place in a impressive
but ancient building location. Adapting the former Thermo-Electric Power
Plant building to meet the duo’s needs, the building still represents the
company today, a century later.

Production focused on gold nibs with iridium in the beginning,
Montegrappa transitioned to writing instruments made from galalith and
celluloid. That move propelled them to be pioneers in the industry and
leaders around the world. Transitioning from private labels to mass
production drove change, and the Marzotta family acquired a majority interest
in 1921 providing for increased marketing, larger distribution and a growing
appreciation for the design and quality of the pens.

As war took a toll on the country, fire took a toll on the factory and change
again propelled the brand to concentrate on using precious metals, gold and
silver instead of celluloid. War also brought famous writers, Ernest
Hemingway and John Dos Passos to the region, and they found a love for the
pens and for Montegrappa. As the brand grew world wide other change
followed and Leopoldo Aquila acquired the company in 1938. Reputation and
tradition were still the foundation of the brand and what continued to provide
growth for them. Special edition and limited edition pens became a way to
commemorate events and keep the brand in the hands of distinguished

Classic design, exquisite workmanship, and continued collaborations drive
Montegrappa today. Private, corporate and special commission pens
increase the brand value, and The Iron Throne is one of the latest creations
that pays homage to the HBO series Game of Thrones and showcases the
brands brilliance. Tradition still lives in the heart of the brand and the heart of
the brand still is tradition!

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