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Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Tourbillon Watch

If you love space, and value timepieces that capture out of this world designs, then you will definitely love the Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Tourbillon Watch, the latest in the MOON-DNA collection. One of the amazing aspects of this watch, it incorporates metal from the Apollo 11 spacecraft and moon dust. While the brand is well known for including exotic materials in their collections, they definitely put some ‘space’ in this design. An exceptional timepiece as far as precision, a unique 3D architecture, and exquisite details in the design, this timepiece will be a high end collectible.

The timepiece is crafted at 49mm wide x 45mm long x 20mm thick, not to large, but set just perfectly to allow for all the unique features. The piece will be a limited edition release of 25 pieces, and rolled into the “DNA of legends” theme the brand has produced. The design is very original, provides the intergalactic feel, and the rectangular shape allows for the numerous custom shaped sapphire crystals, five in fact that give unimpeded views of the intricate inner workings.

Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Tourbillon Watch

The movement bridges and dial are finished out with the space theme in mind, the hex + star pattern, bringing the essence of the lunar surface, and Swiss horological designer, La Joux Perret is responsible for the complex movement which brings live to the Romain Jerome piece. The dial on the Moon Orbiter shows you the basic hour/minute on the right side, the power reserve is located on the bottom of the dial, and to the left is the flying tourbillon, laid out to be visible from top, bottom and side. The tourbillon is stabilized by an arm that extends out from the lower part of the movement.

Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Tourbillon Watch

Adding form and function to the watch are the piston-style spring-loaded lugs, designed to look like hydraulic pistons, and to wrap the case around the wrist. The very elegant and sophisticated black alligator leather strap completes the timepiece, and adds the last touch to the complexity of this overall package. The originality and complexity of this timepiece is what will increase the value, coupled with the limited supply. The Apollo DNA definitely increases the value of this space age miracle, but the brand heritage and quality of the production is what gives it the lasting appeal.

The Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter has definitely taken a page from science fiction and tried to capture the very heart of space. The bridges and dial resemble wallpaper taken straight out of the 2001: A Space Odyssey, and work together to deliver spectacular results. The signature brand “X” is set in a less than subtle cameo on the dial and movement, set up with red hands and surprisingly resembles an alien device that found it’s way to earth. Perfect for any space lover, a must for collectors and a fine timepiece for someone who respects quality and precision.

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