MB&F Announces Limited Edition HM9-SV Watch Series

 Young & Clever

MB&F might not be a historical figure in world of horological masterpieces, but the brand clearly is a favorite for fresh ideas on design and creating modern art with timepieces.  An excellent example of creative genius is the Horological Machine No. 9 or the HM9.  This timepiece embraced the sleek more modern look of the 30’s and 40’s, but also the unique teardrop form encases the brilliant and beautiful brand movement.  That exquisite design has been re-imagined in celebration of exceptional design work and to showcase the movement with the limited edition HM9-SV, the Sapphire vision. The new design is a sleek complex sapphire case, 57mm by 47mm by 23mm, and is probably one of the most ambitious sapphire cases ever seen in the horological world.  The timepiece sports a total of five anti-reflective sapphire pieces, each with their own unique shape.

A Mind Of Its Own

The MB&F brand is a daring young company that is not afraid of thinking outside the box, they have a mind of their own, and the movement creations that they have displayed reflect the brilliant mind set inside the brand.  The limited edition HM9-SV series has challenged what most know about timepieces.  The largest pieces of this unique case are the two covering the top and bottom of the body of the main case.  The three distinct teardrop shaped domes show unusual outlines, in addition to the connecting cylindrical pieces that join these for the main case, and connect with the side-mounted dial.  That piece features both a top crystal and a sapphire crystal dial surface.  Complicated is an understatement.   The dial is located on the 6 o’clock side of the case which is similar to the original HM9 Flow Air.  The bold stated Arabic numerals and skeleton Roman sword hands adorn the dial surface also a sapphire crystal itself.  This allows for a unobstructed view of the gear train.

Movement and Manpower

 The brand has stated that the machining and polishing of the crystals for each timepiece requires 350 man hours of hand work, before mounting to the overall structure.  These intricate pieces are held together by the skeleton framework presented in either 18k white or red gold.  This amazing display that MB&F designed provides a clear view of the movement, along with some exceptional sculptural touches.  The hand wound movement inside the limited edition HM9-SV is offered in four distinct finishes:  red gold cased models feature plates and bridges finished in NAC coated black or PVD coated blue; white gold variants receive either PVD coated purple or 18k rose gold plating.  This color addition adds such a dramatic effect to the timepiece, especially the jewel tones, really breathtaking in beauty and aesthetic creation.

Completely Sensational

MB&F has completed this limited edition HM9-SV watch series with a very tapered hand stitched alligator leather strap , color coordinated for the overall look.  Both white gold cases feature a strap in deep mahogany brown, the PVD blue is paired with a navy strap, and the PVD black finished with a very clean and simple black strap.  The timepiece stands with 45 hours of power reserve and 18000 bph.  The combination of striking movement and such a labor intensive set of cases just proves the dedication and passion the brand has for these very limited edition pieces.  Only 5 examples of each colorway will be created.