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Carrera y Carrera


A Tradition

Carrera y Carrera is a Spanish jewelry company founded by Saturio Esteban, a young jeweler whose dream would grow into an empire. Jose Esteban, his son would continue a family tradition, learning his trade in Paris and returning to teach his four nephews the jewelry business. Creating a unique style that would become a trademark, this family began cutting and engraving gems for a brand that would take on the world. Chosen to prepare the tiara for the Spanish Royal Family wedding, Carrera would be awarded the most prestigious commission in their history and one that would drive success.

Masterful Craftsmanship

The exceptional craftsmanship that is the foundation for this brand is one that also places them as one of the top jewelry firms in the world. Carrera designs feature imagination, magnificence, and creativity that take gold and silver, combine with precious gems and bring pieces to life. The creative process is the heart of this brand, taking a jewelry piece and carefully crafting it into a masterpiece. The expertise of the cutting, the sensitivity of intricate gem work, and the dedication to quality and excellence is what this tradition has transcended from.

Creative Collections

Introducing brand collections at Iberjoya, the Spanish jewelry trade fair, and Baselworld launched the jewelry icon to the world. Showcasing the talent of the designers, the first collection introduced was Eden, inspired and developed by love. In order for the brand to create their image it was very important to present their style. Identifying the Carrera brand with unique style meant creating pieces that were larger than life, carried symbolic meaning, had a foundation of themes. Animal components, feminine themes, were all a part of the artistry the brand crafted and collections that fulfilled these designs.

International Response

Markets around the world recognized the luxury and elegance the brand creations were showcasing. The United States demand grew and distribution in New York began by Cellini boutique situation in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel sitting on Park Avenue. That boutique continues to carry Carrera y Carrera today. The brand maintained the strong lines that captured the unique designs and provided instant worldwide recognition. From elephants to felines, the brand captured the animal world in beautiful jewelry pieces that highlighted the magnificence of gem cutting. In 1994 the brand expanded to Russia and other international markets as they followed the high demand and lovers of artistic jewelry.

Inspiration and Determination

Twenty-five years after the brand opened on the Serrano Street in Madrid they continued to maintain that presence. The brand was a favorite in the world of aristocracy and in 1992 Her Majesty Queen Sofia became a godmother to a specific jewelry piece the brand crafted. The Ark of Discovery of the Fifth Centennial was just another example of brilliance. Spectacular designs carried Carrera y Carrera into the new millennium with pieces like the mythical collection, Jard’in de Rosas, laying path for the ring, Lago de Rosas one of the brands best sellers. Eugenia Silva, a international Spanish model became the face of the brand and displayed every element the brand personified: beauty, elegance, character, and passion. Probably one of the most successful collections the brand introduced was the Circulos de Fuego. The collection drew inspiration from the mystical aspect of Asian culture, the fire dragons. Never shying away from their tradition of excellence, the brand has always looked for unique ideas for their jewelry as well as how it might touch the heart of those who wear it. Passion drove the founder to be a jeweler, and passion continued to inspire and facilitate the legacy. Carrera y Carrera will never cease to create.

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