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Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin earrings. Brand, authentic Roberto Coin earrings shop online.

The history of Italian jewelry house Roberto Coin is a vivid example of how perseverance and hard work can help to achieve considerable success. Roberto Coin earrings. The company's founder, Roberto Coin has since 1977 engaged in the creation of custom-made luxury jewelery for leading brands. Having gained some experience of doing business, customer base, as well as the necessary amount of money, he in 1996 opened his own company. Roberto Coin diamond earrings. Within 4 years Roberto Coin brand firmly establishes its position in the top ten of the world's best manufacturers of exclusive jewelery. Moreover, in 2002 the company enters the third position in terms of sales in the world and the first in his native Italy. Roberto Coin gold earrings. The current state of the brand Roberto Coin is the largest network of more than 800 boutiques and mass overseas offices around the world. Using the services of the online boutique you can order these luxurious decorations on Worldofluxuryus. Their brilliance and high value will significantly elevate your status and representativeness.

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Like most other companies, whose activities are related to the production of luxury jewelery brand Roberto Coin has its own distinctive features, allow to stand out from the crowd. For jewelers of the house a business card is a special attention to the rubies. Roberto Coin silver earrings. These stones have long been attributed magical properties. They are used by many healers and sorcerers to treat various diseases. Moreover, in ancient times, women Eastern countries believed that the ruby promotes fertility. Paying tribute to the ancestors, and given the high value and beauty of the stone, jewelers company Roberto Coin as its "signature" using Ruby. Roberto Coin pearl earrings. This stone is placed in a half-hidden on the inner side of each decoration. Thus, it is in direct contact with the skin, allowing the owner to use his decorations healing properties.

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It is difficult to say whether this application brings ruby health benefits. However, it is safe to say that as a promotional move to its brand designers have chosen quite original and working version. Jewelry Roberto Coin earrings. In general, the range of Roberto Coin production is so vast that you can talk about it for hours. However, special attention should be paid precious menagerie Animalia. Creating this line, the designers seemed to have got their inspiration from Mother Nature itself. Here you can find the Cobra exclusive necklaces, pendants Elephant Skin, Lizard, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and earrings Giraffe and Turtle, Leopard bracelets, Nemo, Unique Pieces and more. Vintage Roberto Coin earrings. Now the company's main office is Roberto Coin is located in Vicenza, well, in the US there is a separate division of Roberto Coin Inc. The creation of the jewelry collections of the brand is still engaged in its founder, together with a group of well-chosen designers. Because of their close-knit work and delicate taste of Italian jewelry Roberto Coin are successfully sold in many countries around the world. Womens Roberto Coin earrings. Their signature style is unique and unique, which is why products of this brand are increasingly choosing the successful, self-confident woman is most appreciate their individuality and status.