Graff Wild Flower Large Pavé Diamond Ring – WORLD OF LUXURY

Graff Wild Flower Large Pavé Diamond Ring, graff-RGR852

Our Price: $12,750

Discount: $2,250

Retail price: $15,000

Like a flower freshly plucked, our large Wild Flower ring is exquisitely crafted to display organic volume. Shimmering with a rare abundance of diamonds, each petal is uniquely realised and placed to lift towards its wearer with extraordinary lightness.Escape into a garden that grows just for you with our Wild Flower fine jewellery collection. From trios and individual blooms to floral clusters and blossoms laid out in a row, each Wild Flower jewel is a statement of delicacy and of empowerment, designed to be worn in profusion.A joyful Wild Flower diamond ring with a total weight of 1.82 carats.

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