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Valente Pendants. New & vintage, Valente gold pendants with pearl, diamond pendants, silver. Valente necklace pendants.

Jewelry Company "Valente pendants" was founded in the fifties in Milan Tranquillo Valente, who gave the new company not only its name, but also laid the foundation for a unique jewelry style and excellent quality of jewelry. Valente gold pendants. Years later, his son Marco Valente joined his father's legacy, his love of jewelry traditions with new stylistic solutions. For many years he devoted to the study of gemstones, so they looked especially beautiful in its decorations. In the capital, the Italian jeweler's art - Valenza goldsmiths team made him unusual ideas into stunning jewelry. Valente glass pendants. Since then, "Valente" gained popularity all over the world, becoming one of the most interesting Italian jewelry companies. All Valente jewelry can be worn at any time of the day, its beauty, they "make the style", highlighting the charm and elegance of women who love these beautiful things. Valente diamond pendants. Due to the constant search for new images and making each ornament from Valente - it is always the subject of sophisticated simplicity, both modern and relevant at all times.

Jewelry necklace Valente pendants for mens and womens. Valente Pearl pendants, diamond.

Pendants - perhaps the most ancient of the ornaments created by man. Valente necklace pendants. One of the first pendants were claws and teeth of animals that are not so much decorated their owners, as defended, giving them magical powers. Later pendants came to be regarded not only as a talisman, but also talked about the status of the owner. Modern pendants come a long way from ancient amulets, but it retained its magical power. Valente jewelry pendants. However, the magic of a different kind - this is the magic of beauty. Tasteful pendant or suspension will be equally relevant accessory on every day, and as the exquisite jewelry for special occasions. Valente mens pendants. About Italy can talk a lot, and everyone will say about it something of their own. Italy, as a woman, full of mysteries, attractive, amazing and sometimes whimsical. All these centuries were reflected in the products that are coming out of the hands of local craftsmen, whether jewelry or clothing.

Gold and silver Valente pendants with pearl and diamond. Valente pendants - prices on

A distinctive feature of accessories from Italy is a close relation of the present and the past. The same refers to the company Valente animalistic imagery, used in ancient Rome. Valente womens pendants. These ornaments appear silhouettes of fish, insects, various animals. The designers of the brand, remembering the simplicity, so popular at the stage of inception jewelry, gladly supply the ornaments black laces instead of chains. Valente jewelry house using metal as it was made many years ago, giving it an unusual relief ornamentation. Vintage Valente pendants. Examples of such mass communication. But modern Italian decoration, and have your own "face". All of them are diverse, but they share one thing: in the products of this sunny country is living life. Flowering, beauty, eternal youth and a hymn of joy - that are trying to bring artists and designers of our time. Original luxury Valente pendants with 2 years warranty.