Graff Wild Flower Diamond Sautoir Necklace – WORLD OF LUXURY

Graff Wild Flower Diamond Sautoir Necklace, graff-RGN718

Our Price: $35,700

Discount: $6,300

Retail price: $42,000

Unmistakably individual, whether worn luxuriously long or doubled up, our diamond sautoir necklace captures the joyful irreverence of the Wild Flower collection. Three different styles of diamond flower blossom with a unique beauty along the delicate white gold chain, inviting you to wear our Wild Flower necklace your way.Escape into a garden that grows just for you with our Wild Flower fine jewellery collection. From trios and individual blooms to floral clusters and blossoms laid out in a row, each Wild Flower jewel is a statement of delicacy and of empowerment, designed to be worn in profusion.A joyful Wild Flower diamond sautoir necklace with a total weight of 4.85 carats.

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