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Pininfarina Drives The Future

Combining the best in design and technique, two legends join hands to create distinctive watches that are contemporary mechanical excellence.  Italian designer Pininfarina, known for streamlined supercars, motor yachts and skyscrapers joins the brand for a partnership that results in brilliance.  Beginning in 2008, the alignment has produced six fantastic timepieces.  Slim, ergonomic design, a no fear attitude that pushed limits and clearly brands that only know perfection helped to create these timepieces.  The Ottantasei is like the super watch, maximum transparency/minimum weight, a view through the case that features no less than four sapphire crystals.  The 44mm case weighs 51.66 grams, red gold and light as a feather, what beauty this watch brings to a wrist.  Not forgetting brand history, the design placement of the 12 o’clock, the visible screw heads, and of course the firm roots of the Ottanta collection clearly visible.  The movement is superior with patent awards and just defines the quality and precision of the two creators.


In addition to the love of perfection, these two legends and friends share human values, respect for unique talent, and a heartfelt desire to redefine genuine luxury.  Attention to detail is something that Paolo Pininfarina and the Bovet house share as their foundation.  The level of excellence that each expects and their conviction symbolizes the common vision for the future.  A timeless match that certainly will lead the brands to continued success.

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