Breitling is a master of high-performance instruments, a specialist in development of the chronograph, and one of few craftsmen who produce their own mechanical chronograph.  The watch brand is known for manufacturing all models with chronometer-certified movements, the optimum in time keeping precision.  A family business, the world renowned brand is also one of the long lasting independent Swiss watch makers.

Quality and reliability are the foundation for the brands time pieces.  A company that is focused on excellence, and a high regard for customer service delivers a product that stands the test of time.  The brand established itself in 1884 when Leon opened the first workshop in the Swiss Jura.  Dedicating himself to high precision and exquisite quality, Leon developed instruments crafted for sports, science and industry.

The continued innovation of the brand, coupled with distinct excellence placed these marvelous wrist chronographs in the hands of competitive sports professionals, automobile craftsmen, and aviation pioneers.  As early as 1915 the brand launched the leading independent chronograph push piece, and by 1923 had further perfected the system by secluding the stop/start functions from reset.  This innovation was patented, making it possible to add multiple successive times without having to reset to zero, and this was a leader for timing sports competitions, and used in flight for calculating accurate flight times.  The watches for sale by Breitling have brought modern chronography to the highest level, and while developed for aviation and sports, it took the form of pocket chronographs and of course wrist chronographs.

In the 1930’s the brand expanded its range, providing the Royal Air Force with onboard chronographs and assisted in World War II propeller-driven fighter planes.  By 1952 the Navitimer wrist chronograph was launched, providing an instrument to take care of all navigation related calculations.  Still in production today, and still a leading brand for aviation, the Navitimer earned the status of “official supplier to world aviation”.  In 1969 the brand delivered the watch making world the first self winding chronograph, and returned in 1984 with a re-launch called the Chronomat.  A leader for the watch making genius, the company made history again in 2009 when they created the Caliber 01.

Caliber 01 offers the most excellent self winding chronograph movement, technical brilliance developed and manufactured in their workshops. The Swiss company is the world’s only major brand that tests all movements, mechanical and quartz with the stringent COSC, Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, insuring precision, quality, and extreme reliability.

Breitling watches for sale certainly separate themselves from other watch makers with their dedication to perfection and highly technical brilliance. Guaranteeing the reliability of their workmanship, the company uses exclusive thermo compensated SuperQuartzTM movements that are proven ten times more accurate than standard quartz.  The level of testing and rigorous measurements the company requires of every time piece is remarkable and truly the reason they are still recognized for their exquisite timepieces.

When you buy watches from this brand you expect inner precision and case construction that stands up to intensive use.  The company uses top materials, antimagnetic stainless steel allow, and grade 2 titanium.   Water resistance is guaranteed and the technical complexity of the cases are a story all their own.  Fashion and precision certainly go hand in hand for the brand, and all the watches for sale have passed a standard so rigged that many other brands could never meet the test.

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