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Gerald Genta


The watch company Gerald Genta there was based in 1969 by Swiss watchmakers Gérald of Genta. Before for as well as reveal their Studio Gerald many years mastered time and problem including worked in large companies, such as Audemars Piguet and Omega. It is a product with most of the brand and according to this period is allocated its own relevance, great quality and exclusive style. In our time, the powers in the production are Gerald Genta Bulgari. Pre-owned Gerald Genta watches for sale.  Brand according to the old way kept their customs and makes a great offer purely qualitative design products that successfully compete with many luxury brands universal scale. Attractive will delight fans of the brand and a very extensive self-similar cycle Gerald Genta. The main collections are allowed to rank Octo, Gefica, and Fantasy Arena. The choice of Octo focused modifications, which have a plastic body and rounded, and the dials More than just hex.


A considerable Element of the watches with this series has typical dial system. For nothing less is allowed to find besides the modification with the reaction index, as well as, for example, Octo Biretro, functional chronographs Chrono Quatro, etc. in Addition, the Octo collection in addition presented a Time filigree Jewellery, crowned with diamonds, a version with chislennym Octo 48-Month MP, modification with tourbillon Tourbillon, the Ultimate time for the purpose of Wanderers World Wide Timer, the Time is short repeater Minute Repeater, Grande Sonnerie, etc. Time, coming to the structure of the Octo collection are manufactured with gold and supplied with leather straps of different colors, and in addition to strong sapphire automatic defects glasses. Buy used Gerald Genta watchesThe next several hours, Gerald Genta Gefica bears the name. Semo entered some very unusual modifications Gefica Biretro, the body of which is made with bronze. Time data have the function of jumping hour, a backward calendar and date. In addition, they include a true leather straps and sapphire anti-reflective glass. Collection Arena in its own sequence focused colorful subjects, which perfectly suited the purpose of operating, Jolly, young fellows, who prefer the independence of selection and svyklas to be the best in absolutely everything.


From the number of hours past modifications with this series is allowed to find Arena Retro made in white and Dark with the unusual colour of the dial conclusion, the reaction by the pointer min. and Seehausen Sometimes, Arena Biretro with chislennym and an index of the stock pace, multi-functional chronographs Arena Chrono Quattro, with the purpose of the2nd time zone Arena PC GMT, and also a difficult modification Arena Arena Tourbillon Tourbillon and PC. Pre owned Gerald Genta prices watches. Are Time with this series, usually with titanium, gold and platinum. Inaddition, they obrashatsa diamonds and is equipped with leather, rubber or satin strap as. Body individual modifications in addition inlaid with white diamonds. After all, that is part Fantasy series, in this case it came in original colorful wrist Time, the dials of which are decorated with a picture of Mickey mouse universal famous cartoon character of Walt Disney. Pre owned Gerald Genta watches for sale. In our period the company Gerald Genta suggests a number of modifications Fantasy Retro with jumping at times, reactionary pointer min. and a huge date, and also Fantasy Ultimate, equipped with a tourbillon. Celebrate this Time in different colored solutions and, regardless of own thoughtless in the main view of the design according to the old are of high accuracy, machine strength and durability. Summing up the results permitted to note that the same Gerald Genta one with this effective Swiss firms, property, and the usefulness of the product which will not cause hesitation.

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