Harry Winston Opus


The efforts that go into crafting such brilliant timepieces will never go unnoticed when it comes to the Harry Winston Opus collection.  The brand has partnered with some of the top watch makers to design and create this amazing series of timepieces.  This collection is the premier of luxury timepieces, taking more than just the talent of the brand, they have reached out for inspiration and insight so that other accomplished watch makers could also contribute.


Coming together to design and deliver the Harry Winston Opus, other famous jewelers and watch makers helped form a team that could achieve the pinnacle in a timepiece collection.  This series is the top of the line luxury chronometer, and reflecting the array of minds that crafted each piece, every aspect is individual and separate of one another.


You have rectangular cases, and circle cases, you have a variety of hands and dials, each timepiece is unique and a concept that is not normal for a collection.  When a collection is designed and laid out they normally have identical cases, hands, and numbers, but the idea and challenges behind this collection was to accomplish more, to deliver something different.


Certainly as each timepiece has special features and design aspects, the Opus XIII has taken everyone by surprise.  The timepiece that was introduced at the 2013 Baselworld watch fair has 242 functional rubies and an unconventional time indication by way of tiny, pivoting markers surrounding the dial.

The latest design in the Harry Winston Opus collection was developed in partner with Ludovic Ballouard who also worked to develop the F.P. Journe’s Grand Sonnerie.  The newest addition XIII features triangular hour hands, each peeking out from a dome in the dial’s core, and retract at the end of each hour.  There are also 59 little minute markers with each five-minute marker tipped in red, and they pivot toward the center of the dial as every new minute begins.

With the ending of each hour, all 59 of the minute markers pivot back to the original starting position at one time, creating a dynamic wave-like motion.  Just seeing the watch and this complicated twin-barrel movement in action is quite an experience.  The fresh and exciting timepieces that come out of this collection are always an inspiration.

Of course the collection is limited edition, and prices are somewhat high, but of course the extravagant design and remarkable precision are what make these timepieces available for the more discerning collector.  These watches are about keeping the focus on Harry Winston and the entire brand, not just one specific piece.

The Harry Winston Opus collection numbers thirteen in all and they have all be a great success.  They are extremely clever in the aesthetics and design, as well they helped to propel a collectors group that might not otherwise exist.  The 18k white gold on this latest design is featured on the 44.25mm case and is about 13mm thick.  This particular design is diamond free, but still a very attractive timepiece, and surely there is a pave diamond covered case in the works, after all the brand is in the business of fine jewelry.


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