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Hublot Big Bang 38


Hublot is renowned for producing luxurious and high quality watches. Hublot Big Bang 38mm is simply one other example of that creation.  A masterpiece of design, featuring a stainless steel case, black dial, crafted stainless steel band, sapphire, scratch resistant crystal and fully automatic movement.  There are many designs within this ultimate collection that are each one as exquisite as the first.


Jean-Claude Biver recreated the Hublot general concept for the 25th birthday of the watchmaker.  While preserving all the magnificent basics, Biver introduced some wonderful new material combinations, allowing for combinations of gold, titanium, steel, kevlar, ceramic and rubber.  Working hand in hand with the founder, Carlo Crocco, they breathed life into this Hublot collection.


Hublot watches were designed with a distinctive look, creating the effect that the bracelet passes directly through the watch body.  This crafting showcases the clearly independent kevlar INSERT IGNORE that is responsible for the unique design.  The vision that was brought to Hublot by Biver allowed the brand to remain elegant, and maintain the high quality that is expected, while combining it with a sportive appearance and increased technical performance.


Reviewing the technical movement, this collection was developed with a new mechanical chronograph movement and equipped with an automatic rewind.  The HUB44, rewind was developed especially for Hublot with La Joux-Perret.  Magnificent components create the perfection that Hublot is known for.  The pearl-finish plate, black PVD screws, satin finish angled bridges, are set together with a dial coated with carbon-powder and an extra wide ceramic bezel with the beautiful polished “H” shaped blocked and sunken screws.


Hublot Big Bang 38mm is such an exquisite balance of beauty and style.  If you are choosing a watch that expresses elegant design, unsurpassed workmanship, Hublot is the watch that meets all expectations.  This collection of Hublog is expanding in order to enrich the many designs that are being crafted.  Available in 18k red gold or steel, as well as the other combinations, there is something for every discerning taste.  Hublot Big Bang brings such masterful creation to life that you will find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else within the collection. From diamond encrusted brilliance to a more subtle elegant Earl Grey, you will not go wrong with any selection in the Hublot Big Bang collection. Set your sights on perfection and then allow yourself magnificence when you choose Hublot.


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