Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Ladies: Trendy in Style and Best in Craftsmanship

Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Ladies is the priced possession, pampering the taste of women who are trendy in style and look for excellent craftsmanship. In the brave new world where women rub shoulders with men in all the departments of life, be it business, adventure travel or administration, the functional perfection of these great watches are celebrated which have made them the choice of women across the globe. With an ancestry dating back to 1846 and having been the preferred supplier of watches to the ships where precision is the ultimate consideration, the credentials of this collection are universally understood.

Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Ladies is unique and functional for modern women of fashion who is an outrider like her counterpart. One of the great beauties of the watches that proclaim the marvelous functionality is the prospect of switching on to different time without taking it from your hands. The synchronization of date changes also takes place when the time zone is changed. Every thing is achieved by the press of a button. The women’s models are presented in 37 mm and 42mm cases. The sheer elegance and the ergonomics of the watch make it an ideal choice for the modern woman.

A common feature of this watch is the permanent home time display along with another time zone. The date display is made prominent for hassle free vision. The possibility of errors in the handling of the watches is carefully prevented by the screws of the crown brilliantly placed slightly below the bezel level without spoiling the visual appeal of design.

There are two versions of the Ulysse Dual Time Nardin Ladies, Dual Time Ladies and the Executive Dual Time. In these are variations achieved by different choice of materials as well as color combination of the dial, case and the strap. However, all have the common feature of a rich larding of diamonds inside the dial in keeping with the normal predilections of the modern refined woman of taste. While this watch has a 37 mm case the executive version is larger with 40 mm case. The ordinary version is water resistant up to 100 meters. However, the executive version has only 50 meters of water resistance. Both versions, fitted with self winding movements, boast of a power reserve of roughly 42 hours.

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