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Ulysse Nardin Marine Collection: Be Pampered in Priceless Legacy

Ulysse Nardin Marine Collection celebrates the company’s fascination with marine watches for whopping 175 years. Ever since the inception of the company the nautical flavor of the watches has earned the company a reputation in the seafaring life. Most of the ships before the appearance of quartz movements were supplied with Ulysse Nardin clocks. In the new generation models the same ethos of perfection that made the company synonymous with precision is repeated with the elegance of design which has made the watches hot favorites in the fashion circles of the world.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Collection has popularity internationally and is one of the most sought after watches for their reliability. They first hit the fashion world in 1846 and their popularity has only increased over the years. This is evident from the fact that even today people try to collect the famous models. These watches were updated continuously by the use of cutting-edge technology and design features that attract the new generation taste are incorporated in each of the releases. Their anesthetic excellence has been attested by some of the most stringent connoisseurs.

In 2010 Ulysse Nardin Monaco 2010 Marine Diver Limited Edition was unveiled on the occasion of the 2010 Monaco yacht show which created a real furor in the fascinating world of luxury horology. The all black watch with hour markers and hands in Cobalt Blue is indeed a stunning product fit for the new celebrity ethos of our brave new world. The product unequivocally declared to the world that when it comes to marine watches Ulysse Nardin is the king of watches.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Collection presents a range of features that are essential function for a watch to be used in water. The watches are fitted with luminous hands to aid in the visibility in all conditions. One of the essential features of a marine watch is water resistance. This series is water resistant at 200mm sufficient for normal water related adventure for an amateur. The fixing of the crown screw below the bezel level helps to avoid accidental mistakes.

The most famous of Ulysse Nardin Marine Collection are the Maxi Marine Chronometer and the Maxi Marine Driver. In this collection there are variants like Marine Perpetual, Maxi Marine Diver 45mm etc. Though the watches have the flamboyant title of Marine, not all users are sea farers or divers. This Ulysse Nardin line of watches is indeed priceless collections whose value only goes up as years pass by like the artifacts of the past whose value is incalculable.

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